Krissy spent 10 years in the banking/ financial world before taking a jump into real estate. Being born and raised in Oregon, Krissy understands the ins and outs of the Pacific Northwest. She has spent her life living throughout the state. With this experience she has a unique outlook on all types of properties. She was born on a farm on the outskirts of Portland before moving to southern Oregon with her family as they continued in the Timber industry. After high school she moved to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon where she focused in pre-law and majoring in Political Science & Minoring in Business.
  She decided not to go into the law field due to graduating with her degree without a student loan to her name.  She had worked in the financial industry in the past and decided to jump back into that field.  At this time is when she and her partner decided to call Portland their home.    She ended up becoming an accounting specialist for 3 years where she loved the work  but missed working with people everyday.  So while working a full time job and raising a family she adding getting her Real Estate License to her agenda. Once her licensing was complete she started to make the transition and in April 2018 became a full-time realtor. In her first two years in real estate she has experience in the unexpected. Focusing on clients looking for all types of properties.  She has experience with first time home buyers,  second homes and clients looking for investment properties and continuing to build their portfolio’s choosing Krissy as their go-to person.    She has the experience to take on any situation that comes up while working with her clients.  She prides herself on listening and understanding the different needs of her clients. She is able to bring these experiences to her real estate business everyday. Aside from working Krissy enjoys photography, traveling, reading, planners, organizing, going to comic book conventions and making costumes (cosplay). Krissy recently aligned her services with Living Room Realty. A local real estate establishment that matches her need to help and support the community around her.

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