Hello, my name is Madelyn, and I am an Oregon native who is absolutely in love with the city of Portland! I am deeply passionate about serving our incredible community and sharing with clients my expertise in our market as a Realtor.

My path to becoming a licensed broker involved almost every kind of role within the industry. My experience has been a journey that I believe sets me apart from other agents. I have worked as a homeowners’ insurance specialist, a residential brokerage receptionist, a transaction coordinator and as a marketing lead for large commercial properties throughout the city of Portland.

My combined experience over the last half-decade has given me immeasurable knowledge and confidence in my ability to help clients reach their real estate goals.

After several years in the commercial real estate industry, as I witnessed rapid community growth and our changing local economy, I found myself wanting more and more to work directly with people who were seeking their own personal piece of Portland in the form of a home.

Investing in a home is a multi-layered decision. It is my goal to help my clients to feel informed about the home-buying process, and to help them discover the deeper meaning that home-ownership will bring to their lives. The key to my unique real estate approach is exposure and a deep understanding of local markets. I adore our city’s quirky neighborhoods and local way of life. I want to help my clients find the heart and soul of Portland in their home, while supporting them through understanding the benefits and exciting changes in each of our neighborhoods. Connecting clients with their dream homes, in our gorgeous city, brings me genuine joy.

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