With a degree in History and Economics, Tyler traveled and taught middle and high school students throughout the western United States for years before moving to Portland. Combining his desire for exploration with a love of photography, Tyler enjoys spending holidays hiking and backpacking everywhere from the lush forests of Oregon to the tops of mountains across California and Idaho.

After purchasing and selling his first home, Tyler became deeply passionate about the confidence and security provided by homeownership and now helps others experience their own version of the American Dream. Tyler strives to merge each of his different interests and passions to serve the people of Oregon in the Real Estate industry.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. It would be an absolute honor and privilege to work with you.

Tyler's Articles

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Tyler Shotwell

Buying your first home is never easy. When Travis approached me earlier this year he had...

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Peninsula Park Rose Garden Review

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While it does not have a dedicated dog area and violates the whole purpose of this...

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Located in the heart of Woodstock neighborhood lies one of Portland’s oldest parks. First established by...

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Mt. Tabor is one of the best-known parks in all of Portland. Hundreds of people visit...

Happy Valley Nature Park Review

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Leslie Knope dreams of this park when she sleeps at night. The whole city should be...

Sellwood Riverfront Dog Park Review

Tyler Shotwell

Are you looking for a beautiful place for your furry friend to run free while you...

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