I was born in Columbus Ohio during the Carter administration, which means that I am naturally averse to talking about myself. I moved to Portland in 2004 after graduating from the University of Toledo with a degree in communications. My career has made stops in banking, and insurance, before finding property management. The common thread between these disparate fields is that they all possess a (sometimes deserved) fairly bad reputation. Throughout my career, I have enjoyed the opportunity to be a force for good in these spaces.

When I joined Living Room in 2020 I learned that I was joining a company whose entire mission is centered around creating a positive living environment for all! Our team gives me the opportunity to consistently exceed the expectations of tenants and homeowners.

As a portfolio manager, I function as the point person for tenant leases, homeowner accounting, security deposit refunds, and accounts payable for our rentals. I thoroughly enjoy working for a female-owned company with such a commitment and connection to the City I call home.

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