Chris Speth has been there. Chris Speth has done that. And those are only the first of many reasons you’ll want to work with him when you’re selling or buying a home.

Chris grew up in Lebanon, Oregon, about an hour from Portland. He moved to Portland in 1991 and began his real estate career in 1996. He knows Portland’s core neighborhoods as well as he knows Portland’s surrounding cities and towns. His level of knowledge and experience cannot be underestimated in the current real estate market. Portland buyers are expanding their home searches farther than ever from the city center, and Chris has the on-the-ground knowledge and experience to ensure that his clients’ real estate investments are smart and sound.

Whether you’re buying your first home, investing in a rental, or looking to downsize or trade up, it’s vital to choose an experienced agent who can serve as your trusted guide throughout the process.

When it comes to buying a home, Chris can quickly identify potential pitfalls and necessary repairs during his first walk-through with clients. He’s personally purchased and fixed up many homes during his 20 years in real estate. He’s the guy who knows when it’s wise to dive in and when it’s wise to move on, and he’s not afraid to tell you. He’ll talk you out of buying a particular home before he’ll ever talk you into it.

When Chris helps his clients sell a home, he takes care to set them up for the smoothest transaction possible. He’ll help you price your home with any eye toward attracting the best and most solid buyers. Not every buyer is the same, and a skilled agent can have a substantial effect on the ease of a transaction from the open house to the day you lock the front door for the last time. He’s even been known to grab a paint brush and get to work if his clients need a last-minute assist.

Chris knows that your long-term success is his long-term success. While some agents might shy away from diving too deeply into a financial discussion, Chris feels it’s one of the most important parts of his job. He’ll fully explain what a sale or purchase will mean for you in real terms. As a real estate veteran, he wants his clients to know what the numbers look like in the short- and long-term.

Chris’s clients know he’s invested in them and their families, which his why they trust him. He’s hardworking, flexible, honest, and real. Chris will always tell it to you straight. If that sounds like the REALTOR® you want working for you, give him a call at 503-515-5049.

Chris's Testimonials

My husband Andy and I happily worked with Chris while buying our 1st home on SE 48th Ave this past September (2016). I could honestly rave about him for paragraphs to come but the bottom line is that Chris Speth will have our business for life. Our enthusiasm for his dedication and tireless work has spread to our families and friends who are also looking to buy in the Portland area and will no doubt bring him more business. [He is a] wonderful, honest and trustworthy guy.

Andy and Jess Holdeman

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