Having family roots that go back to the 1860’s in Portland, Janelle has a deep appreciation and love for the Rose City and the Pacific Northwest. Beginning with a small grocery store in St. Johns in the early 1900’s, her family began planting roots of homeownership and business acumen for the generations to follow. It’s no wonder Janelle has a passion for houses, community, and people while continuing to build her business.
The journey that brought her into the realm of real estate went down paths of tending gardens, managing teams in the luxury fashion world, and studying horticulture at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA where she met her beau of now 20 years.

All her life experiences have helped hone the skills it takes to do real estate right: Care, attention, detail, and patience are key elements in this industry. A passion for architecture, knowledge of the city and surrounding areas, while keeping a keen eye on market trends are another. Like her ancestors, she’s building her business with the community in mind, and homeownership being her favorite passion.
When not sleuthing for homes, or negotiating on behalf of her clients, you can find her in the woods in and around the city, at a pub or café within walking distance from her home or nestled inside eating her hubby’s incredible cooking and snuggling their two cats.

Janelle's Testimonials

We could not be happier we met Janelle at an open house. She helped us through the selling and buying process, walking us through, step-by-step and put up with our silly questions and late-night calls. She went above and beyond for us and made the whole process enjoyable and easy! Janelle has wonderful energy, and she is so knowledgeable. We truly adore her!  

The Houston's

Janelle was absolutely exceptional in helping us find and purchase our home. Very knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. Her positive personality made the buying process a great experience. I would recommend Janelle a million times over.

Tolva M.H.

Janelle Freeman was fantastically helpful during our house hunt. She got a grasp on our preferences really quickly and stuck with us through a bit of pickiness on our end. She also did a great job recommending quality contractors for repairs needed on move in. Highly recommend.

Andrew Galloway

Janelle…Where do I start. This wonderful woman worked night and day to find my daughter and I the right home. She linked me up with the right mortgage company that worked closely with us to ensure we made the deal happen. This is a rough market…. she kept my head up even when I was about to give up. Now my daughter and I live in a house I never imagined I would be able to afford!!!!

Nick Alexander

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