Not #1 in sales (and proud of it!)

I learned at the top that mega sales volume is an obstacle to the individualized client care that I love most about my work. So, when I moved my business from San Francisco to Portland in 2009, I created a real estate practice fueled by rooted relationships and kitchen table conversations. Mornings I get out of bed energized by the people I work with and the client wins I personally manage thanks to the simple success of  driving a human rather than transactional business.

I believe in real estate for wealth creation and the specific joy that the right four-walls-and-a-roof brings to our daily lives.

Specific skills? I’m a dogged advocate who’s at her best finding creative solutions and negotiating my clients ambitions across the finish line.

Good things abound outside of the office too. My 14-year old son is on-fire at Riverdale High where I serve on the PTC board. He and I are hikers who hit the trail here and on our travels. Five years free of cancer, I’m finding that I’m ready to talk about it through various forms of volunteer outreach. Art & design are best described as my brain’s happy place and my current real estate project…remodeling my own fixer is a nice channel for those design impulses, though honestly, I can’t wait to update this note to say “job complete”!

Want to talk real estate for immediate needs or game-planning your future? Let’s do it.

I’m here to listen, advise and see if we might be the right fit to work together.  


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