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Megan Baker


Growing up in a small logging town, Megan learned early on the beauty of her home state.

Whether hiking in the Gorge or exploring the city, she appreciates the abundance Oregon has to offer.

Living in the Pacific Northwest for the past 30 years, including a two-year adventure in Alaska, Megan has called much of Portland home and loves how each neighborhood has its own unique vibe. With an interior design studies background, family history in real estate, and experience in property management, helping people move and grow comes as a natural choice.

Whether buying a first house, selling a home full of memories, or assisting with investment properties for years to come, she operates on the mindset of making each and every client a client for life.

In her personal time, you can find Megan enjoying her adorable daughter, Mila, attending many of the various live music performances in town, mastering DIY home projects, exploring the local nature scene, and hitting the trails in her favorite pair of Brooks.

Megan's Testimonials

This review comes from a retired Real Estate Broker who received his license in 1970 in Illinois and Montana.. Just a little background of my success in this business. I was able to retire at the ripe old age of 30. I tried to stop at that point but when you are on a roll you keep it going. When I met Megan on the phone, I knew this young lady had the attitude and personality to accomplish what ever she put her mind to. She took a piece of property that someone I loaned money to and had tried to sell for over 2 years, and in less than a couple of months she got it sold. I know this business inside and out and you do not sell this type of property sitting in the office waiting for the phone to ring. I wish Megan was in Kalispell, Montana, she could show some others how to get the job done. I doubt that I will ever own any other RE in Oregon unless I am pushed into it, but if that would happen, there is no one I would trust with my RE business other than Megan. Go Megan!

Greg & Roxie

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