Driven, passionate and all done with a sense of humor.

Nichole’s love for people will shine through the moment you meet her. With more than 15 years in the finance industry, she not only knows the in and outs of lending, affordability and marketing; she has a solid understanding of how to blend aggressive negotiations with kindness and integrity to get the optimal result for her clients.

An Oregonian native- Nichole grew up in the Willamette valley, went to college in Eugene and finished up in Portland in 2004. Her love for unique architecture and the joy in finding “the perfect home” logically led her to becoming a REALTOR®.

Nichole prides herself on representing individuals and families from all walks of life, and is passionate to create an equal opportunity- especially when buying a home. From starter homes, to investment properties- her attention to detail, experience, quick response time and genuine desire to please her clients will be a continued asset to both sides of the sales process.

Nichole's Testimonials

Nichole is extraordinarily bright, detail-oriented, caring, and perfectly suited to this work!. We were out-of-town buyers with a long list of needs. Nichole listened carefully, asked excellent questions, and saved us a huge amount of time by only showing us properties that fit our list. During and after our home purchase, she also helped us tremendously by invoking her network of experts for vetting legal documents, performing general and specific inspections, and completing repairs prior to move-in. Nichole prioritized our well-being from start to finish. We are deeply grateful and feel so lucky to have worked with her!

Amy & Mudit

Nichole was always where I needed her to be, and as a result, we got a great property. I recommend working with her.

Roberto D

As a long distance seller of estate property, Nichole provided such great support it as indescribable. She helped with finding lawn care, cleaning the property and doing drivers to check on the security. Working with her from Atlanta she was my representative. She went over and above what a normal REALTOR® would do. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a house!

Tina C

Nichole is the most loyal person I have ever encountered in my lifetime. . I am not one to “ask” for help; and with Nichole, I never had to. It is as if she could anticipate my needs and executed them with the utmost thoughtfulness. I have known Nichole for years and she is always quick to respond to a phone call or text, and jumps at the chance to help a friend, family member, or even an acquaintance. She is dependable, sincere and works with the upmost integrity

S. Shimmelman

Nichole is a driven, and enthusiastic professional with extensive sales and customer service experience. She is organized and effective, works smart for greater productivity. She is quick learner and self starter with a positive attitude, Nichole enjoys taking on new challenges and working under pressure. She has exceptional skills and is an absolute joy to work with!

D. Watanabe

Nichole is one of the most driven people that I know. Failure is not an option for herself, her family, her friends or for her clients. Nichole holds your expectations as her own and executes them; that is hard to find in people, but not with her. Most importantly she is loyal, kind, extremely trustworthy, but also a lot of fun to be around! There are very few people that I would trust my closest assets with, she is at the top of the list! Nichole gives me not only confidence, but results. Two thumbs up!

A. Bartholomew

Nichole- words can not express how thankful Len and I are for all you’ve done for us. From all the time and work you put in, the knowledge and suggestions, and your upbeat attitude and encouragement. We were amazed and pleased with you! We will always remember all you've done and you'll be our only choice when we decide to be buyers and not sellers next time! Thank you so much!!!

Len and Autumn A.

Nichole's Articles

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