One thing that makes Robert stand out as a broker in this competitive market, is his passion and genuine love for his clients. 

Growing up in theater Robert knows the importance of passion and presence. Every day in this industry has given him a chance to connect in people with one of their biggest decisions in life.  He digs deep and fights to get his clients into homes in multiple offer situations as well as getting his sellers top dollar for their homes.

  Robert loves to reduce stress for his clients and to ensure that they are protected.  Having worked with top producing agents in Chicago for 6 years and in Portland, he has honed a keen eye for detail in homes and learned the ins and outs of staging/preparing a home to sell. What keeps him excited about real estate is that he loves that every house has a story, just like each and everyone of us.

When Robert is not helping people sell or buy homes, he spends A LOT of time outdoors. The main reason he moved to Oregon from Chicago is because of his friends and his love for nature. You could find him spending time at a Hot Springs resort, swimming or riding a bike long distances. 
Robert was raised in a small town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He spent most of this time as a child on the American River, which is why Portland is such a great place for him to live. As a lover of water and people, Robert knows Portland has it all, and this is why he is so excited to share his love of Oregon with his clients.
A mover and a shaker from a small town, Robert has traveled and performed all over the world, he spent 7 yrs of his life on the ocean. 4 years he worked as a machinist in the US Navy, and 3 years as a main stage singer on a cruise line. For over 30 years he has also been a theater performer, and he will always use acting or singing as his creative outlets. 
Before Real Estate, Robert had dedicated a good amount of his time helping people. He spent 15 is years of his life as a licensed massage therapist. Trained at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, he has an extensive knowledge of kinesiology and anatomy. His attention to detail in that field led him to be a clinical therapist, with specializations in shiatsu and precision neuromuscular massage therapy. Robert, at one point, treated patients in tandem with MD’s, Nurse Practitioners, and Psychiatrists at the Integrated Medicine Wing of Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. 
If you want a broker you would actually enjoy having a beer with and a good laugh, Robert is your guy!

Robert's Testimonials

Rob helped my girlfriend and I find a fantastic place during a seller’s market.

Rob helped my girlfriend and I find a fantastic place during a seller’s market. He provided us with a variety of homes that fit what we wanted and was thrilled to talk through any properties that we brought to his attention. He was very quick to set up tours, get answers for any questions we had, and help us get bids together, which was critical in such a fast-moving market. Rob also understood though how stressful this process was and made sure that we were fully informed and comfortable with every decision we made. I remember on multiple occasions he would climb up into the attic during a tour and take photos while all the other agents would only show their clients the living spaces. Rob is a realtor that understands you’re buying the whole house and not just what is staged for you to see.

Josh H.

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