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A Few Words on Birds

By David Columbus, April 22, 2019

What is it about our little feathered friends that captivates us? What about these avian adventurers do we find so fascinating? What is it about their flights of fancy that touches something deep within us?

Just that indeed–flight. Simple as that. These creatures possess the ability that we earth-bound bodies cannot copy. We can run like any animal on two or four feet. We can swim and slice through water like any aquatic animal. But to fly, to truly take to the sky, sans augmentation or transportation, we can never really experience that liberty.

We all wish for the freedom to float off to where our hearts and the wind may guide us. To have the sight to take in the vastness of the whole horizon or to laser-focus, eagle-eyed on the micro amidst the macro. To carry with us only the weight we can bear, to let go of all that might keep us rooted to earth. To twist, to soar, to flip, to dance among the clouds.

So we envy and admire that which we may not achieve. We spy and seek out. We hunt and hope to catch even just a glimpse of the rarest of birds. We take pride in our collections and notations of specie and specification. We train our ears to perceive the slightest tweet, the smallest chirp, the honks and the brays, the trills and the airs, the screech and the hoot.

All this we do to honor and protect these precious reminders of the freedom and heights we aspire to, if even just unconsciously.

Grab your binoculars, your Audubon guide, your notebooks and indulge your inner bird-nerd at Scouters Mountain Nature Park.

David Columbus

Earth Advantage Principal Broker & ADU Specialist

As an Earth Advantage Principal Broker, David serves buyers and sellers alike with his 20+ years of experience as a broker and investor. His experience includes residential, commercial, investment property, and multi-family housing, and he specializes in historic and mid-century homes. He is a consistent multi-million dollar producer for whom smart, personalized client service is key. Over 90 percent of his ongoing business is referred from satisfied clients. In his past life, David worked in yacht delivery, delivering privately-owned classic yachts from the East Coast to the Caribbean, transatlantic, Mediterranean and North Sea; his responsibilities ranged from captain to crew. David holds a degree in Business Administration/Finance from Western Michigan University and attended the University of Nottingham, England where he studied Medieval West History and Victorian Literature. After graduating David moved to Chicago where he worked as a Eurodollar Futures Broker while teaching sailing at Northwestern University during his lunch breaks. David moved to Portland in 1999 and has never looked back. In recent history (2015), David and his partner, of 17+ years, Grant, sailed their boat out the Columbia River, turned left and headed south, exploring the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Coast of Mexico for over nine months. He is a strong supporter of the ALS Association of Oregon and SW Washington, Basic Rights Oregon, p:ear, Urban Gleaners, Oregon Wild, Habitat for Humanity, Willamette River Keepers and is a member of Vancouver Lake Crew and the Rose City Yacht Club. He is also a licensed EMT and volunteer with Multnomah County Medical Reserve Corp.
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David Columbus

Earth Advantage Principal Broker & ADU Specialist

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