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Bend Bound

By Daniela Sardo, June 2, 2020

The dream

Lori has always dreamed of retiring in Bend. A few years back I helped her purchase a nice piece of property in La Pine with the plan of one day building her retirement home. Dreams of enjoying all the wonderful activities and beautiful locations that makes Bend a destination for so many was very enticing. Lori worked hard to achieve the plan, living frugally and saving for the future plans. She not only kept her Portland metro home well maintained but made many improvements so that she could ensure a good return on her investment the day when it came time to sell.

Making it happen

I got the call in early March. Lori set the plan in motion and gave notice at work. She had a few more weeks to work and get the home ready for sale. Moving would happen slowly and she could move down to La Pine in the summer where she and her partner would live in the 128 square foot shed and trailer that would carry all their possessions. Then COVID 19 struck and all their plans were upended. It was time for a decision. Thinking long and hard they decided it would be better to leave the big city and get to La Pine sooner rather than later.

Everything suddenly moved fast. I sold the house within four days of listing and soon it would be time to pack up and leave. Now the idea of moving in April to the Mount Bachelor area to a shed with no heat was not as exciting as it once was.

Regardless, this is a new beginning. A new adventure! With enthusiasm they moved to Southern Oregon. Lori called me two weeks later disappointed and concerned. Unfortunately with COVID 19 they are home bound. It’s cold in La Pine in April and plans to enjoy the surroundings takes a back seat to shelter in place rules and regulations. When you live in a 128 square foot shed there’s not much to do but sweep pine needles!

A new plan

Turns out, sweeping pine needles isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  They don’t like driving the distance into Bend either. So it’s time for a new plan.  Time to find a home in Bend instead!  Suddenly I started getting calls about houses for sale.  We researched each and every one and not one panned out. Competition is high, inventory low and homes are expensive!  They wanted to be really cautious and not buy the wrong home for the wrong reasons but the process was very discouraging.

A few weeks more and Lori calls me super excited! An unexpected rare find. She’s found one home listed that’s on the market a little longer than others because its location doesn’t appeal to everyone. But not these two, the location couldn’t be better! Every detail about the house is absolutely perfect!   They go to see the home and make an offer only a few hours later.  Without a doubt this is meant to be. The entire process from finding the home to holding the keys to their new home takes exactly two weeks. Everything happened like clockwork and now they are happily ensconced in their new home. There’s plenty of activities now to keep them busy. Many boxes to unpack and more floors to sweep.  It will be some time before they need to tackle those pesky pine needles outside their door.

Daniela Sardo

Broker Licensed in OR & WA

You might see me riding my motorcycle down a long winding Oregon country road in Eagle Creek, or scooting in-and-out of traffic in NE Portland, as I make my way through Last Thursday on Alberta. When given the chance, I’m exploring the different neighborhoods and communities that make Oregon a beautiful place to live, and the place that I call home. With an advanced degree in education and many years experience in the high-tech industry, I have the drive and experience to take people through the ever-changing landscape of Real Estate. I began my career well over 10 years ago and realized the  passion I have in working with both buyers and sellers. I’m known for outstanding client service, extensive availability, and am a skilled negotiator with my client’s best interests at heart. I believe it is my duty to represent my clients to the best of my ability but also to educate them throughout every step of the process armed with the information to make the best decisions possible. My business is 100% referral based and I count each and every client I have worked with as a friend today. I am an experienced Realtor in first-time home buying, short sales, HUD and bank owned properties.
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