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Dressing for Dinner

By Charity Adams, August 15, 2019

No, not like just a bottle of Ranch as a meal. (Though with a little crudité, that sounds pretty good right now.)

Remember when people would dress for dinner?

Or at least, remember those old movies where the characters would show up at a restaurant dressed in their evening finery? Well-tailored and shapely looks. Muted, stately, dark suits and ties. Lowered necklines and glistening jewels. An air of excitement crackling around them. Anticipation for the night’s festivities and feast.

Or those same sorts sweeping down grand, spiraling staircases in their beaded gowns and crisp tuxedos. Often with one hand lightly-spilling a coupe of champagne while the other hand dances, leaving a trail of cigarette smoke tracing the gestural paths. Everyone laughing. The formal attire popping everyone’s posture. The movement of the group as they’re called into dinner by their gracious host like a dreamy waltz. Backs straight and arms out, taking small deliberate steps, weaving in amongst each other. Bows and curtsies. Manners and courtesies.

An occasion.

Worthy of all the extra starch and layers. In despite of the dry cleaning bills.

I’m all for comfort and convenience. But there is something missing these days — that sense of occasion. 

Certain events in life, certain times, certain places demand more fuss, greater ado, increased spectacle. That’s how we honor those times, those moments in our lives that we treasure.

Should we adopt white-tie formality for every meal? Of course not.

But find those opportunities to make an event an Occasion.

And if you want to don your finest and doff your caps, no more festive spot than the Victorian Belle Mansion.

Charity Adams

Principal Broker

I have been building my practice since 2005. While I specialize in listings, I’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse group of buyers and sellers. Focusing on the individual needs and priorities of my clients allows me to tailor a real estate strategy with the highest possible outcome of success. I am always available to take the very best care of anyone you refer to me. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line with any questions. Also, check out my website to see fantastic examples of everything I mentioned above. While I’m not at the office or out with clients, you can find me practicing yoga, running, swimming, biking, kayaking… basically everything! If it’s an adventure, I’m up for it. I currently reside in Irvington with my son. We have a dwarf holland lop rabbit named Ra (after the sun god – my son’s choice). The next time you’re poised to enter the market, I would be honored to guide you through this important experience.
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Charity Adams

Principal Broker

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