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Loud is More Fun Than Correct

By Britney Marr, March 29, 2019

Karaoke. An elision of the Japanese words kara (emptyand ōkesutora (orchestra). 

Sometimes you have to sing. Loud and proud. Big and bold. In tune or not. When the music gets in you, the best choice is to channel your best mega-watt, superstar alter ego and belt it out.

Maybe the key is not what you’re used to, maybe the words come faster than you thought they would, maybe they don’t have the jam you wanted, maybe you can’t remember what that one song’s called, maybe your partner is stepping on your half of the duet, maybe everyone’s too in their cups to pay attention.

Whatever. This is your moment to shine and sparkle. Take it in and enjoy it for all its out of tune, mumbled-lyrical glory.

Are you a classical crooner? A hairband heavy-metallist? A pop princess?

Do you want to stay with the standards? Rock out? Relive an 80’s hit? Belt out a broadway show-stopper? Tune up your country twang? Bust a stone cold rhyme?

Your only limit is the line ahead of you and the list of songs.

Whether you take to the stage, burst out at the bar or rent a room, how will you fill your “empty-orchestra?”

Life’s too short to let the pros have all the fun, get your groove going at Voicebox Karaoke.

Britney Marr

Broker, Buyer's Specialist

Born and raised in Portland, Britney is a native Oregonian who appreciates everything this beautiful state has to offer. A business graduate of Portland State University, she explored different career paths, ultimately deciding her long time interest in real estate is where her passion lies. Many years in the restaurant industry and small business management have taught her unparalleled organizational and communication skills and how to please clients of all kinds. Combining this with her knowledge of the area to help her clients find the perfect home makes her excited to take on any challenge. When not working she can be found hiking in the Columbia Gorge, trying new restaurants in Portland's food scene and volunteering in her sister's 4th grade classroom.
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Britney Marr

Broker, Buyer's Specialist

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