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Curb Appeal Vol. 2: Portland’s Neighborhood Spotlight – Concordia


Situated north of Alameda and Beaumont-Wilshire in the Portland’s fast-developing Northeast quadrant, the cozy Concordia neighborhood earned it’s name from nearby Concordia University. With over 100,000 residents, first-time homebuyers and established homeowners are drawn to the district for its diversity and access to local amenities. In their recent real estate issue, Portland Monthly projected homes located in the Concordia neighborhood area will average $518,304. Lasting an average of 25 days after listing, Concordia outperforms the city average of 31 days on the market.



The Concordia neighborhood grew to prominence in the 19th century, when many newcomers found refuge in the area following the 1948 Vanport flood, which displaced hordes of ship workers local to North Portland. Following the flood, Portland completed an extensive revitalizing project to improve the area’s retail and transit infrastructure, aiming to make the area more hospitable for its expanding population. Since that time, Concordia has earned recognition for being a hub for local artists. From the ashes of mid-century displacement, Concordia has blossomed into one of the liveliest districts in Northeast Portland. Earning a Walk Score of 76, residents in this area can walk to an average of seven eateries and bars within five minutes.



Dinner: Wilder

Brunch: Mae

Coffee & Tea: The Cottage Pantry

Nightlife: Dame

Parks: Fernhill Park



Residents: 9,550

Average Age: 35.4

Under 18 years: 16.2%

18 to 64 years: 75.7%

65 years and over: 8.1%




Average Home: $439,806


Average Home: $435,826

North Tabor

Average Home: $489,450

Mt. Scott-Arleta

Average Home: $ 373,944


For more insight into neighborhood trends within Northeast Portland, view our comprehensive real estate data set below.






Portland, Oregon is a quirky, intelligent, and a design-oriented city with a love of all things local. And for Aryne + Dulcinea, Portland is home! In 2012, Aryne and Dulcinea saw an opportunity to turn their passion for Portland and living well into an optimal client experience. By joining both their creative and technical talents, they have developed a unique and holistic experience that is rooted in their commitment to service. Aryne + Dulcinea are Earth Advantage Brokers and ADU Certified Specialists and with over 15 years combined experience, take pride in their knowledge of versatile work/live spaces, green building, and high performing homes.  Whether you are outgrowing your home, needing to pare down, ready to own more than one property, or just wanting another view out your window — they get it!





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