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We get it. Your home is more than a shelter, it’s a reflection of your lifestyle and values, a place to express yourself and think big. You want space to create, plant a garden, be a neighbor, take a deep breath, sing in the shower. You want parks and bike lanes and great coffee. Where’s your living room? We’ll help you find it.

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Stories, Adventures, and Insider Tips

Our blog has it all. Stories about real people who've found their living room. Advice from local experts Insight into Portland's neighborhoods and Oregon's coastal towns. And our newest listings.

Beaumont-Wilshire Bungalow

Karim Alaeddine

Beaumont-Wilshire Bungalow 3811 NE Milton St | Portland, OR 97212 Offered at $599,900 | MLS # 19459484...

Adorable Multnomah Village Cottage Just Listed!

Nicolette Hanna

2510 SW Hume Ct. Portland, OR 97219 Mere blocks from the Village, this sweet and private...

A Pearl in the Pearl

Paul Fortino

Recently I received a call from an Indiana phone number asking me if I would be...

Riverside Livin’ for First Time Buyers

Gabrielle Enfield

  Brianna and Sean found me through my online reviews (thanks, clients!) and decided we made...

July 2019 Portland Market Report

Ross Seligman

The patterns are what I find the most interesting about these market reports.  Look below how...

Just Listed in SE Portland

Sharon Bloudek

JUST LISTED IN SE PORTLAND! 8024 SE CARLTON ST, PORTLAND, OR 97206 Offered at $349,900 3...

Back to Nature in SW Portland

Sharon Bloudek

JUST LISTED! 3611 SW ARNOLD ST, PORTLAND, OR 97219 Offered at $525,000 4 BED | 2.1...

Spring Garden Park- Bringing nature into play

Sharon Bloudek

Spring Garden Park- Bringing nature into play.   A recent client just bought a house on...

Offer Accepted!

Sean Patrick O'Feery

Adriane and Adam came to me by referral!  Thank you Jesse and Gerard- You’re the best!! Adriane...