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Partial Government Shutdown – What it Means for Real Estate

Tosha Reinmiller

At midnight on December 21st, 2018, there was a partial government shut down, due to lawmakers...

Milwaukie Living!

Ben Samson

  I met Clinton and Madeline by email.  Going through my messages there was a message...


Constance Rigney

Nestled in the Humboldt neighborhood, a tiny and little known park called Albina Green, is home...

Event: Architectural Heritage Center Lecture on Architect Philip Johnson

Marisa Swenson

  If you love modern design, chances are you have heard of the Philip Johnson designed...

Events – DoCoMoMo‘s Jingle and Mingle Holiday Party

Marisa Swenson

Jingle and Mingle DoCoMoMo is hosting their famous Jingle and Mingle holiday party once again this...

Perfect Halloween home…Pillory included!

Ben Samson

I received a call from an unknown number.  It was the daughter of a previous client...

Sensei Session with Ross Seligman

Living Room Realty

Principal Broker Ross Seligman moved to Portland in 1999 after accidentally discovering this oasis of a...

Portland Veg Week Finale

Bonnie Roseman

If only I could go out to eat three, or more, times a day this week....