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The Market In Focus: Cycle of Real Estate and FHA Financing – are we primed for a change?

Aryne + Dulcinea

By Aaron Nawrocki, Capital M Lending If you talk to Portland real estate agents these days,...

Airbnb Dreamers

Bonnie Roseman

The phone rings. The caller is a renter in a high price tag part of the...

Again with the Renting vs Buying!

Erika George

With a title like that, you’re probably expecting us to expand on the undeniable virtues of...

Enviable VL with Nehalem Bay Views

Tosha Reinmiller

  Recently cleared and ready to build, this beautiful elevated corner lot is located in a...

No money down, no problem

Jennifer Johnston

Today, in addition to keys to a new home, my buyers also got $2,909 at closing....

Know how to identify ideal clients with these 6 questions.

Melissa Dorman

Before I launch into how to find the perfect client, let’s first address that no perfect...

3 Reasons Why Most FSBOs Fail

Melissa Dorman

Do you really save money by cutting out the commissions? In the age of Zillow and...

To Flip or NOT to Flip

Bobby Curtis

That IS the question. It’s always a pleasure to join Tra’Renee on Afternoon Live to chat...