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Cold Feet In Our Favor This Time!

Reg Martocci

Our client Kara had only one piece of criteria in her home search that was a...

Portland Parks Can Help You Live Happier and Healthier

Tyler Shotwell

Ever wonder what makes Portland great? What explains both why residents stay living in the city...

How To Negotiate Effectively, Efficiently – and Fairly

Andy Meeks

Negotiations are a delicate dance, and it’s not about simply ‘splitting the difference’. In fact, I...

Recipe Share: No-Brainer Corn Salad

Becca Barron

IT’S SUMMER, YO! Which means it’s salad season! All those farm-fresh veggies are just begging to...

Lucky Larder Preserving Class

Aryne + Dulcinea

Join us for an evening with Traci Hildner of Lucky Larder. Traci is Portland’s premiere caning...

Harry Potter is the new Mindspace

Becca Barron

Need a coping mechanism? Something a little stronger than these meditation mindfulness apps? Revisit our good...

Successfully Challenging A Low Appraisal

Andy Meeks

There are so many milestones in the home-selling process that it’s easy to overlook perhaps one...

New Neighbors

Ben Samson

    I live in Richmond.  A neighborhood in SE Portland.  I’m close to the furthest...