Todd is a unique Realtor in many ways. As a person who uses a power wheelchair, he has been in very few types of houses. That being said, he can match you with the perfect Realtor to help you find your dream home. He has an eighteen-year career in the staffing and human resource industry, so he understands how to match personality types very well. He can also be an asset after your purchase. His staffing background will help make sure that
you and others in the household can stay employed with rewarding work.

He can also help you put together a strategy while living in the home to be able to sell it efficiently and profitably when you are ready.

He has been in Portland for twenty years and he knows many people. He can help you make
connections to ensure that your life outside the home is rewarding. People with disabilities also tend to be experts on technology that can be used within the home to create the best possible lifestyle. Todd believes he offers you the best of both worlds. He will refer you to the best Realtor for your sale or purchase and he will help in many ways to make your life as a homeowner incredibly rewarding.

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