Like many folks in this industry, I’ve got a grab-bag of life experience under my belt that informs my work helping you navigate the process of buying (or selling) your home.

Prior to my life as a Realtor, I spent the better part of two decades working as a boots-on-the-ground union organizer and negotiator, helping people across Oregon (and the US) win improvements to their wages, benefits, and working conditions- often against seemingly insurmountable odds. It was a job that required tenacity, patience, a good listening ear, calm under pressure, and a sense of humor- all things I try to bring to the table for my clients at Living Room Realty.

After my work in the labor movement,  I took a brief detour into the world of landscape and floral design. I’ve also renovated a few houses – so you can bet I love helping clients see and realize the potential in their spaces.

Since coming to Portland in 2005, I’ve witnessed many iterations of the city. I’m bullish on the future here- and excited about all our region has to offer. Good food, proximity to nature, an incredible local music scene, and an inclusive community are just a handful of the reasons I love this place.

Whether you’re looking for a starter spot, an investment property, or a home you can tear into and leave your mark on, I’d love to help you seal the deal on your perfect place.

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