I’m just out here trying to be the RBG of Real Estate.

I’m A Frugal Foodie. A Concert/Music Festival Enthusiast. A Community Organizer.  Double Majored in Psychology and Business. I have Travelled all 50 States and 4 Continents. And now I’m AN AWARD WINNING REAL ESTATE AGENT YA’LL!

I’ve had consistent Top Notch Sales & Stellar Client Reviews while helping buyers and sellers navigate the rigorous real estate market. I consider myself to be achievement/detail oriented, proactive, and financially savvy. I enjoy taking complicated ideas/info and making them accessible to others.

Get ready to learn everything you didn’t think you needed to know about real estate. I’m nerdy about numbers and homes, but also fun. Like, a fun nerd, if you will.

I bought and restored my home, a 1917 craftsman with perseverance, creativity, resourceful thinking, NERDing out on Real Estate stats, being strategic in negotiating, and having integrity, I plan to do the same for you. I’ve been able to help countless clients with their home buying process. I run a fully transparent, encouraging, fun, but tight ship that’s ready to educate you and advocate on your behalf!

Housing has always been important to me. It’s more than where the heart is, it’s where we feel secure, build connection, Gather, Giggle, Grow. Over the years, I have managed a 350 bed International Hostel in downtown San Francisco, worked for Habitat for Humanity with Americorps NCCC, volunteered on the Katrina mass home rebuild in New Orleans, and provided landlord tenant advocacy in the non-profit sector. All roads leading to finally being a Real Estate Agent.

Being an agent at Living Room Realty affords me the opportunity of being a home matchmaker. Meeting awesome clients that will soon have a home that meets their needs, their livelihood, and their dreams. Planning on selling your home? Great, I can help you with that too. I am especially excited to work with first time home buyers, folks with marginalized identities (Queer/LGBTQIA, BIPOC), and any folx that would like to have a fun supportive agent throughout their home buying process. I want to make sure you not only buy a home that’s cute, but make sure that cute home has GOOD BONES TOO!

When I’m not scouting new properties, I’m generally with my favorite person, my partner Camille. Together we are goofy cute and treat each other with sweetness. You should see us y’all.

*Camille is also a therapist, so if the process gets overwhelming or stressful, don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Others reasons to contact me:

  • You Need A Spotify Playlist for the Occasion.
  • Gender Ideology Convos.
  • Sappy Rom-Com Recs.
  • Creating A Better World.
  • Dad Jokes!
  • You Want To Talk About My Awesome Reviews! https://www.zillow.com/profile/jamisminnis/
  • You Want To Support A Queer Black Business!

Jamis's Testimonials

Jamis is a pro. Super responsive and knowledgeable. We worked with Jamis to buy our house during the peak '21 housing chaos. We were looking to downsize and move closer in. Inventory was flying off the shelf, it was a complete sellers market, and we were working with a fixed budget. Jamis is a pro. Super responsive, knowledgeable, and worked with us to understand what was important to us. We felt guided and supported throughout the whole process, never felt rushed or pressured, and trusted her to help us navigate new challenges (potential appraisal gap?!?) with ease. Can't say enough good things, have highly recommended her to close friends, and will absolutely be working with her in the future.

Andrés Oswill

Absolutely trustworthy and diligent, Jamis is the kind of person you can rely on to get you the best outcome, regardless of your situation. Jamis helped us navigate the home-buying process from start to finish with the utmost professionalism and care, far exceeding our already high expectations. She is highly knowledgeable about the real estate market and more than willing to provide timely and thorough answers to any questions, as well as deliver insight that others might overlook. Absolutely trustworthy and diligent, Jamis is the kind of person you can rely on to get you the best outcome, regardless of your situation. In our case, Jamis helped our family purchase a single-family home in Portland on the first try. With her poise and negotiation skills, you hardly would've known that it all took place amid a buying frenzy in 2021. Her quality of work has blown away all other agents we have worked with in the past, and we most certainly recommend her to anyone for all things real estate.

Abraham Kim

Jamis really actually is the best, and you’ll be lucky if you work with her. You should work with Jamis. When we first met she had a shirt that said "real estate life," which is a good synopsis of her passion for matching people with the home they are looking for. Jamis is a realtor because she cares about people. If you don't know exactly what you are looking for, she will help you develop that understanding, and guide you to the perfect place that you didn't even know you were looking for. She works very quickly but also patiently. Jamis really actually is the best, and you'll be lucky if you work with her.


I would highly recommend Jamis to anyone looking to buy a house. I would highly recommend Jamis to anyone looking to buy a house. Even in this really difficult housing market, Jamis kept my hope up, reminding me not to settle or get discouraged after several offer denials and it worked! I bought my first home which is an amazing 3 bedroom with not one, not two but THREE fireplaces and a huge backyard! At first, the sellers didn’t want to sell to us because we were FHA, but Jamis worked her magic to build a relationship with them, sold the idea to them and was successful! They chose us as the back-up on their house and when the first buyer dropped out, we swooped in and got it! Jamis even managed to get the sellers to agree to give us a large credit at closing even though it was sold as-is! She stuck beside me through-out the process, providing resources, tips, and advocating on my behalf resulting in me not only getting the house of my dreams but saving me thousands of dollars during a hot housing market. She continues to provide resources even after closing as she is committed to not only me buying a house but being able to stay in my house long-term. She is extremely responsive and knows what she is doing! Highly skilled real estate agent I will use again if I ever need one and will recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you Jamis!!

2022 Buyer

Jamis has excellent communication skills and helped us work through some challenges with the projects. We started the process of selling our home in the winter by reaching out to Jamis Minnis at Living Room Realty. She responded to us very quickly and was able to explain what work and marketing skills she had. She made some recommendations for minor repairs to prep our house for sale so we could get the optimal price. The whole process took several months from start to finish and most of the time was focused on completing some drywall, flooring, and painting all within our repairs budget. We were so impressed with the interview and subsequent meetings that we decided to sign with Jamis prior to our final photoshoot of the house which she scheduled. Jamis has excellent communication skills and helped us work through some challenges with the projects. In the end, we sold our house in April which was a seamless and well-guided process. Much of the communication between agents was transparent and Jamis helped keep a timeline for all outstanding steps for completion. We were so grateful for finding Jamis Minnis. We recommend you interview and hire Jamis Minnis because she works so hard to help you achieve your goals.

Ty Schwoeffermann

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