I’m just out here trying to be the Ruth Bader Ginsberg of Real Estate.

I’m Originally from Florida. A Frugal Foodie. A Concert/Music Festival Enthusiast. A Community Organizer.  Double Majored in Psychology and Business. And I have Travelled all 50 States and 4 Continents.

Housing has always been important to me. It’s more than where the heart is, it’s where we feel secure, build connection, Gather, Giggle, Grow. Over the years, I have managed a 350 bed International Youth Hostel in downtown San Francisco, worked for Habitat for Humanity with Americorps NCCC, volunteered on the Katrina mass home rebuild in New Orleans, and provided landlord tenant advocacy in the non-profit sector.

All roads leading to finally being a Real Estate Agent.

I bought and restored my home, a 1917 craftsman with perseverance, creativity, resourceful thinking, NERDing out on Real Estate, being strategic in negotiating, and having integrity, I plan to do the same for you.

Being an agent at Living Room Realty affords me the opportunity of being a home matchmaker. Meeting awesome clients that will soon have a home that meets their needs, their livelihood, and their dreams. Planning on selling your home? Great, I can help you with that too. I am especially excited to work with first time home buyers, folks with marginalized identities, and folks that would like to have a fun supportive agent throughout their home buying process.

When I’m not scouting new properties, I’m generally with my favorite person, my partner Camille. Together we are goofy cute and treat each other with sweetness. You should see us y’all.

*Camille is also a therapist, so if the process gets overwhelming or stressful, don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Others reasons to contact me:

  • You Need A Spotify Playlist for the Occasion.
  • Gender Ideology Convos.
  • Sappy Rom-Com Recs.
  • Creating A Better World.
  • Dad Jokes!

Jamis's Articles

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Jamis Minnis

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No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn!!!

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Downsizing During A Pandemic. It must be LOVE. 

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Vacation? What’s that you speak of?

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Looks dreamy right? This place is tucked away in Coos Bay. A relatively cheap option to...

Skylights & Seclusion = Success

Jamis Minnis

Congratulations to my clients Sarah & Shani that just scored their very own McMansion! We toured...

Keys Please!!!!

Jamis Minnis

Ok real talk, Don’t get me wrong, I am ALWAYS excited when my clients finally get...

The Complexities of Marketing Access To Capital

Jamis Minnis

It’s been really interesting to think about how to market myself. Currently, I’m lucky to have so...

Play. Ground. Repeat.

Jamis Minnis

Congrats to my clients who not only found a home, but found a home that came...

Sitting Pretty in Portland

Jamis Minnis

Holy Moly. This home is BEAUTIFUL. A sweet Victorian in St. John. I have not received...

A Christmas (Home) Story!

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OMG! Sometimes you have a transaction that just makes your heart smile. When the sellers and buyers are...

Instant Equity Included!

Jamis Minnis

I won’t even mention the bonus Home Warranty. So coooooool! Somehow in this very intense market...

Wallpaper O’ Plenty

Jamis Minnis

Congrats to my recent clients on their closing! This couple had all the tenacity and charm one...

Mighty In Mt.Scott

Jamis Minnis

You want it? It’s got it! Maple Hardwood Floors. A/C. Newer Roof. Gas Stove. Covered Patio....

Is Your Hour Happy?

Jamis Minnis

Ya’ll. If you know anything about me, you’d know that I’m frugal and that I’m a foodie....

All Of My Clients Drive Subarus

Jamis Minnis

All of my clients drive Subarus. Ok, Maybe like 80% Ok, actually, if I want to...

What’s On Your Move-In Day Playlist?

Jamis Minnis

Whenever I deliver keys I put on a song in celebration. I have a couple of go-to’s...

My Partner in [Gay] Crime.

Jamis Minnis

(This is not promoting violence or crime, I’m not into that.) Ya’ll. I asked my partner...

I’m An Agent, Thanks!

Jamis Minnis

Hi! I’m an Agent Thanks! Yes. A Real Estate Agent! Things I’m not: An Intruder. Waiting...

The Chapel

Jamis Minnis

I got a call while driving to the office one day in Pre-Covid times. It was...

Buying A Dream Home During Covid-19? CHECK!

Jamis Minnis

Spencer & Jessie are nearly settled into their dreamy new home. Skylight in the kitchen. CHECK!...

She’s got the look!

Jamis Minnis

This family! That baby! Does it get any cuter? I don’t think so. Without further ado,...

Covid Doesn’t Care About Your Birthday!

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But luckily I DO! This past week I pulled off a somewhat cool birthday for my...

House of Zodiac

Jamis Minnis

If you know me, you’d know that I always ask my clients what their Zodiac signs...

Pandemic @ The Disco!

Jamis Minnis

Oh Hi. Hello. Catchy Title huh? Full transparency: I was a community organizer before I was...

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