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House of Zodiac

By Jamis Minnis, July 8, 2020

If you know me, you’d know that I always ask my clients what their Zodiac signs are. I love it! Not because I’m super woo or anything. It’s more so a quick fun conversation. Some are really into it, others not so much. I see horoscopes all the time and thought I’d take a stab at it. So, without further ado. Here’s what shopping for a homes with each Zodiac sign might like.


“I saw a misspelled word on the docusign that you sent over so I created a docusign account, decided to study for the real estate exam, passed the test, and now I’m representing myself, thanks for your time.”
Capricorn (known overachiever)
“This is the single most beautiful home I’ve ever seen, I must have it!”
-Sorry you’ve been outbid
Next home
“This is the single most beautiful home I have ever seen.”
-Sorry offer not accepted
Next home
“Now THIS is the single most beauti…………”
Scorpio (known to have very intense feelings)
“I have planned for us to see 38 houses today and I have a couple more on backup  in case we finish those 38 before midnight.”
Aries (always full speed ahead)
“I don’t know if all of my feelings will fit into this house.”
(Looks around)
“Oh, there’s skylights. It’s perfect.”
Cancer  (known to be sensitive/caring)
“And then we’ll knock out this wall and create a nook over here, rip up the sidewalk and make a garden for very specific hard to grow flowers. We must have rose tinted window.”
Libra (oh libras)
“I’ve sent my agent 19 completely different/unrelated types of houses and my agent still doesn’t understand me or exactly what I’m looking for in a home.
Pisces (known to feel misunderstood)
“This is going to make a great house for our visiting guests. I don’t even need to get an inspection, I trust this house.”
Sagittarius (known to be witty, social, trusting, and almost always having a good time)
“I need to make sure it has enough space for my plants, my juicer, my lava lamp, and a second room for an art yoga creative space.”
Aquarius (known to be creatives and dreamers)
“I’d like to offer exactly 453, 263.18
 I’d like a credit back of 7,160.43
 I can meet you at the house at 8:47 am.”
Virgos (Known to like organization, specifics, and spreadsheets)
June 23rd commits to a strong offer. June 23rd rescinds offer. June 23rd Client changes their mind and wants to offer again.
Gemini (known to be very smart, talkative, and indecisive)
“We are hoping to find a 10,000 square foot garden with a home of 200 square feet on it.
 I can and will live here for the rest of my years.
 But, I just feel so settled in my current home.”
Taurus (known to be great gardeners, nesters, and settled)
“How do I look in this room?”
Leo (no explanation needed)


Jamis Minnis

Broker Licensed in Oregon

I'm just out here trying to be the Ruth Bader Ginsberg of Real Estate. I'm Originally from Florida. A Frugal Foodie. A Concert/Music Festival Enthusiast. A Community Organizer.  Double Majored in Psychology and Business. And I have Travelled all 50 States and 4 Continents. Housing has always been important to me. It's more than where the heart is, it's where we feel secure, build connection, Gather, Giggle, Grow. Over the years, I have managed a 350 bed International Youth Hostel in downtown San Francisco, worked for Habitat for Humanity with Americorps NCCC, volunteered on the Katrina mass home rebuild in New Orleans, and provided landlord tenant advocacy in the non-profit sector. All roads leading to finally being a Real Estate Agent. I bought and restored my home, a 1917 craftsman with perseverance, creativity, resourceful thinking, NERDing out on Real Estate, being strategic in negotiating, and having integrity, I plan to do the same for you. Being an agent at Living Room Realty affords me the opportunity of being a home matchmaker. Meeting awesome clients that will soon have a home that meets their needs, their livelihood, and their dreams. Planning on selling your home? Great, I can help you with that too. I am especially excited to work with first time home buyers, folks with marginalized identities, and folks that would like to have a fun supportive agent throughout their home buying process. When I'm not scouting new properties, I'm generally with my favorite person, my partner Camille. Together we are goofy cute and treat each other with sweetness. You should see us y'all. *Camille is also a therapist, so if the process gets overwhelming or stressful, don't worry, we've got you. Others reasons to contact me:
  • You Need A Spotify Playlist for the Occasion.
  • Gender Ideology Convos.
  • Sappy Rom-Com Recs.
  • Creating A Better World.
  • Dad Jokes!
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  • T: 503-756-0005

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