William is a Portland native who graduated from Portland State University with a bachelor’s degree in biology. After exploring different career paths, he found his true passion in real estate, where he has since been empowering clients through education and personalized guidance. With a rich background in construction and extensive experience in investment properties and property management, William leverages his expertise to help clients make informed decisions that align with their financial and lifestyle goals.

As a real estate professional committed to integrity and empowerment, William focuses on providing value-maximizing solutions for home sellers, personalized assistance to home buyers, and strategic insights to investors, aiming to enhance their potential in the real estate market.

His approach is deeply rooted in building lasting relationships and fostering a community-centric business.

When not navigating the complexities of real estate, William is an avid learner who enjoys listening to audiobooks, swimming, and spending quality time with his wife and their two German Shepherds. To discover how William can help you achieve your real estate goals, visit his website or schedule a consultation to begin crafting your strategy for financial stability and success.

Will's Testimonials

Will: Your Bomb Diggity Realtor Guiding You to Your Dream Home in West Portland!. Will is the bomb diggity. He took the time I needed to go through homes on the west side of Portland. Once we found a place we liked he then went to bat for us, helped us negotiate the best deal, and was quite knowledgeable in explaining issues with the home (no home is perfect) so there aren’t any surprises later. Then the cherry on top was he helped us link up with professionals to fix the things we found. I would highly recommend using Will as your realtor. He was ALWAYS professional and really does have your back to help you find your dream home. Thanks Will!

Joey D

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