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House Hacking Success Story in North Portland

By Will Sing, September 26, 2023

I am thrilled to share a success story. It’s the story of Amanda and Shiv, a determined couple who embarked on a house hacking journey with dreams and a clear vision in their minds. Let’s dive into their journey!

The Dream: House Hacking in North Portland

Amanda and Shiv had been on the lookout for a golden house hacking opportunity for over a year. For those new to the term, house hacking involves buying a multi-unit property, living in one unit, and renting out the others to offset your mortgage. It was a dream they nurtured, and I had the privilege to guide them in this journey, equipped with my custom deal calculator to run the numbers meticulously.

The Find: A Duplex with Potential

Our persistent search led us to a promising duplex in North Portland. A place that whispered potential and promised a positive cash flow in just the second year! Yes, it required a bit of a nudge to enhance the rents, but nothing too daunting.

The Victory: Winning Against the Odds

In the competitive Portland market, we found ourselves up against another eager offer. But Amanda and Shiv had a winning spirit, and guess what? We won, securing a place that was more than a house; it was a canvas of opportunities.

The Inspection Period: A Time of Diligence

Entering the inspection period, we rolled up our sleeves, ready to delve deep into every nook and cranny. We scrutinized the property’s financials, keeping an eagle eye on the major issues. Our diligence paid off, securing a substantial $7,500 towards a new roof and a comforting home warranty to boot.

The Closing: A Happy Beginning

As we neared the closing, the joy was palpable. Not only did we secure the home, but we also managed to get a generous $9k in closing costs. Amanda and Shiv were all set to move into their new abode, ready to infuse it with their personal touch, one improvement at a time.


Today, Amanda and Shiv are happily settled in their unit, gradually transforming their space while enjoying the benefits of house hacking. Their story is a testimony to what determination, the right guidance, and a bit of house hacking savvy can achieve. Here is what they had to say:

Will was super helpful throughout the entire home buying process. He has a lot of knowledge about different types of housing options and knows the Portland area really well. He wants his clients to feel good about their purchase and we definitely do.

Inspired by Amanda and Shiv’s story and keen to start your own house hacking journey in Portland? Reach out to me at 📞 503-303-0822 or 📧 and let’s turn your home buying dream into reality!

Will Sing



William is a Portland native and graduated from Portland State University with a bachelor's degree in biology. Now, you’re probably thinking that he should be working in the medical field, but medical school was not as intriguing as being in the Real Estate business. Being an entrepreneur is something that he has always been drawn towards. From his first business, as a kid running a lawn mowing business in his neighborhood to starting and co-owning a Decking and Fencing company, you could say that being an entrepreneur has always been in his blood.

William believes that Real Estate is an investment tool that can help you secure your financial future and is a gateway to becoming financially stable down the road. While the market is always changing, the Real Estate world and the financial freedom investment properties can allow you to have will always be consistent.

What makes William stand out from other brokers is that he himself has been a lifelong learner and loves to share his knowledge with others. He enjoys working with clients who are interested in investment properties and who want to learn about how they can invest in themselves and their futures.

Although William devotes most of his time to running his Decking and Fencing business and helping clients buy or sell their homes, he also makes time for things that fill his life with challenge and happiness. You can usually catch him listening to audiobooks, training for a half marathon or an obstacle course, taking his two German Shepherds on walks, or playing strategy board games with his wife.

To learn more about William and what he’s about, visit his website.

Think William is the right fit for you? Fill out the form below or Schedule a Free Consult to connect with him and start creating a plan to build your financial future.

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