Hey there.  My name is Rachel.

I think that purchasing my first house was the single most empowering thing that I did for myself as a younger person.  It gave me a sense of freedom, while providing me with a deep sense of security.  This is why i got into real estate.  I want to help other people feel this same way weather you are a first time homebuyer, or someone looking to make more investments.  I love the idea of helping people secure a future for themselves.


I have a background in design and landscaping that play into my strengths as an agent.  I have a strong background in home repairs and building which give me a keen eye for details and possibilities.


I understand that everyone has individual needs and I would love to help you find and full fill yours.  Reach out me! Im here to help you.




Rachel's Articles

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Rachel Cardman-Brewer

When is terminating a contract the best idea? There is no right answer . Sometimes, it’s...

Purchasing Power at the Holidays

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What to do when it all goes wrong.

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Advocate Fiercly

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Same street, Different Home.

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Looking Forward to Fall

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I always think that I will dread the end of summer, until it happens.  Year after...

Sometimes the best service is a referral.

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After working with two beloved clients for the past year, honing in on exactly what they...

Gardening tips for Spring, Success for Summer

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Now that Spring is starting to feel tangible, it’s time to start thinking about your gardens...

Room To Stretch Your Legs

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What do you do when you own a double lot, an epic garden, the house next...

Does your house feel sticky?

Rachel Cardman-Brewer

Why? Because there are just too many kid bodies, with their little sweaty, sticky hands in...

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