Hi.  I am Rachel.  We are supposed to write these bios in the third person, but that just feels weird and unauthentic. So I’m not gonna.

My journey into real estate has been an indirect one.  Let’s skip over a lot of things, and get to the beginning of the things that lead me to where I am now. After a change of career, from a farmer to owning my own landscaping company in the “big city” , I bought my first house.  It took me a LONG time to decide to pull the trigger, like a realllllyyyyy long time (thank you to my most patient agent at the time).  The thing was, that even though it was the scariest choice i had made as a young adult to go into debt that much, I loved it.

  I loved looking at houses.  I love geeking out on the numbers and statistics and price per square footage.  I loved knowing what houses were selling where and for how much.  I loved looking inside houses at the details and charm.  I loved seeing how and where people had poured their love into their houses to make them a home… Maybe in part thats why it took me so long to buy? I just had no idea that I would like the process so much.  It surprised me.  Fast forward five years I decided to build an ADU in my back yard.  I decided that in order to check all the boxes that I wanted, that I would have to design and build it myself (with some help obviously).  Do I have a background in architecture, design, contracting, working with the city on permits, building? No, but i feel like i do now.  It was a CRAZY undertaking.  One that at. points made me question my sanity.  Yet again, I loved it.  I had a whole new quick schooling in house sytems, design, working with the city and building that I never imagined that I would.  That was when i fially understood about myself that I loved doing this.  I love admiring the architecture.  I love finding the problems.  I love seeing things that I never would have thought of design wise and seeing things that I never would have chosen also.  The writing was on the wall clear as day.

And here we are years later. I love helping people buy and sell their homes, because i Love the history that is going along with it.  I love the story that is going with the house and will always be a part of it, and I love the stories that are yet to be made in the home.

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