Blog Irvington What to do when it all goes wrong.

What to do when it all goes wrong.

By Rachel Cardman-Brewer, September 22, 2023

From brutal negotiations where the seller wasn’t being reasonable, to lender mistakes almost costing my clients 15k, to delayed fed-ex documents day of closing…every thing about my clients last transaction was DIFFICULT.  Yet, we managed through to closing on time and got to celebrate a hard week with some bubbles and keys to a new house.

What was the magic? My clients through all of their anxiety and nerves, still trusted me and the process. With their cool, collected and positive demeanor, I was able to continuously advocate for them and do that things that aren’t usually in the scope of a realtors job which got us smoothly over all the hurdles.

Because they trusted me to get them there, we accomplished it. This to me is what’s at the center of all of my client connections. Real trust in each other and trust in the process.

Rachel Cardman-Brewer

Broker | OR


Hey there.  My name is Rachel. I think that purchasing my first house was the single most empowering thing that I did for myself as a younger person.  It gave me a sense of freedom, while providing me with a deep sense of security.  This is why i got into real estate.  I want to help other people feel this same way weather you are a first time homebuyer, or someone looking to make more investments.  I love the idea of helping people secure a future for themselves.   I have a background in design and landscaping that play into my strengths as an agent.  I have a strong background in home repairs and building which give me a keen eye for details and possibilities.   I understand that everyone has individual needs and I would love to help you find and full fill yours.  Reach out me! Im here to help you.      
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