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How to Build a Closing Day Kit

By Kelsey Burkett, June 13, 2024

By the time Closing Day finally comes, your brain is likely to be spinning with transaction details, packing and moving logistics and that stack of documents you just signed at the Title office. A helpful thing to add to your to-do list is preparing a simple “kit” that you can bring with you when you meet your Realtor to get keys to your newly minted home. Remember, there (should be) nothing left in the house at this point – not even a roll of toilet paper! So, if you’re planning on hanging out after you unlock that door for the first time as the homeowner, you’ll thank yourself for packing a few functional items.

The best part about the Closing Day Kit is that it’s filled with things you likely already have at your current home.

What you’ll need: 

  • A basket, bin or similar. I used this acrylic bin; it’s a great size and you can use it for organizing after.
  • Trash bags. I like to use recycled Trader Joe’s grocery bags.
  • Dish towels and/or paper towels. It’s nice to have both; paper towels are great when you need to clean up a spilled drink or need a napkin.
  • Toilet paper. Pack one for each bathroom.
  • “Wine glasses” aka cups for toasting. I don’t love promoting plastic (you could of course use glass) but they stack and are compact. If you go with plastic, at least try to get recycled.
  • Wine opener or bottle opener
  • Sage for smudging. We grew and dried our own sage from our previous home, which was really special and surprisingly easy as long as you think ahead.
  • Candles + matches. Not only do they make your new home smell good, but a burning candle helps to create Hygge (Danish/Norwegian word that describes cozy comfort)
  • Bluetooth speaker for similar reasons. Music creates nice texture when entertaining and can help to establish memory milestones. Similar to when you hear a song and it triggers nostalgia.
  • Anyhting else that feels special that fits! For instance, a crystal, momentos, a photo, etc.


When we got the keys to our home, we invited our closest friends over for a toast and a hang. We met the neighbors, we gave tours and we toasted to a new season of life in our sweet, new home. It’s one of my favorite memories to-date.

Big thanks to my friend, Cressa, who made her own Closing Day Kit and shared it with me the day we met to deliver keys to her home.


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