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Does your house feel sticky?

By Rachel Cardman-Brewer, February 19, 2021

Why? Because there are just too many kid bodies, with their little sweaty, sticky hands in the house all day long. Let’s all hope that these kids get to go back to school sooner than later…And when they do my clients Blake and Ebony will be in luck.  The most important things for these two was the school district.  They had their search narrowed down to two different districts and they got their top choice.  The bonus being that their new house is also full of charm, with all the old craftsman elements that they were looking for.

It took a good fight and an amazing mentor, but we won.  Now this young ,vibrant couple has a place to make a home.


Rachel Cardman-Brewer

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Hey there.  My name is Rachel. I think that purchasing my first house was the single most empowering thing that I did for myself as a younger person.  It gave me a sense of freedom, while providing me with a deep sense of security.  This is why i got into real estate.  I want to help other people feel this same way weather you are a first time homebuyer, or someone looking to make more investments.  I love the idea of helping people secure a future for themselves.   I have a background in design and landscaping that play into my strengths as an agent.  I have a strong background in home repairs and building which give me a keen eye for details and possibilities.   I understand that everyone has individual needs and I would love to help you find and full fill yours.  Reach out me! Im here to help you.      
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