Someone pinch me. Today is another day that I get to live my life as a wife, mother, and daughter who happens to be the Vice President of Portland’s #1 Real Estate company!

With over 20 years in real estate, many of my experiences in this business began before I qualified for half of the titles I listed above. I’ve spent much of this time in Property Management, starting as a leasing agent, growing into a Property Manager and Regional Trainer. My experience running multi-million dollar multi-family communities took me all over the Portland Metro along with the Bay Area, California, and Boulder, Colorado.

I love the intricacies of property management. I enjoy the problem solving, the organization, and the systems needed to run the business. To this day I remain the dedicated license holder for Living Room’s Property Management department. It is my mission to run an ethical, trustworthy, informed team to manage Living Room’s portfolio of rentals. If you’d like to chat about all the fun changes to Oregon landlord-tenant laws, give me a call!

I transitioned into buying and selling back in 2016 and have been attracted to the business of running a Real Estate business ever since. As the Vice President of Living Room, I have the honor of maintaining and building upon this incredible culture Jenelle Isaacson has so artfully built—a culture of inclusion, joy, and, excellence. Any given day you will find me running a staff meeting, planning our next big agent support project, or digging into stats to tell the story of this ever-changing market. One of the best parts of my week is breaking bread with the Living Room Brokers and learning more about their lives and business goals. I am surrounded by a strong team that has a knack for making me look good. Trust me when I tell you, I am very aware of how lucky I am to come to work with these folks each day.

I am passionate about creating work environments driven by inclusion. I am a bi-racial woman, that spent much of my adolescence and adult years in areas that where most of the people did not look like me. This has helped me recognize how important it is to mindfully seek out highly qualified individuals that, like me, need a work environment that recognizes the importance of true diversity. As a woman of color in a leadership position, I have the opportunity to naturally attract top talent of those looking to find that perfect place to grow their career.

I grew up in Portland’s Montavilla neighborhood attending what used to be, Marshall High School. I’ve got two kids and a dog with my high school sweetheart turned husband. We decided to move our family to the eastern suburb of Gresham a few years ago. My parents and siblings have all stayed close to home and somehow we’ve managed to convince our closest childhood friends to continue spending time with us. Raising kids with this supportive community has definitely made space for me to build a career I am proud of.

If I’m not in the office, you can find me on the front porch sipping coffee (or a fancy tequila) with the hubby, enjoying a Blazer game with friends, checking off our brunch bucket list at all the best restaurants around the city, enjoying a concert on the lawn at Edgefield, cheering on the kiddos at their sporting event, or driving around, singing the Hamilton soundtrack at the top of my lungs.

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