As an introvert who loves being around people and thriving in one on one conversations with folks, I have seen this as a strength and have tried to tie it into my work life. Starting my various careers as a Banker, an Accountant, a Coffee Roaster, a Small business owner, and Notary Signing Agent, each job has offered me opportunities to work with people intimately in a professional environment. I love being of service to others and hoping that in the work that I do for them that I make a positive impact on their lives. I have found that sometimes those things could be as easy as handing a cup of coffee to someone with a smile and a thank you.

I have found a lot of people miss that kind of connection and need that, they appreciate someone to listen and notice them, and I made a very successful business doing that. So when I came across this position with the Living Room Property Management Team I felt excited that this could become another opportunity to be able to fulfill that positive impact for folks. How rewarding, to help someone find their next home!

I am originally from the Bay Area with a stint in Anchorage Alaska for college (Art/Art History) before coming to and settling down here in Portland. I live with my partner Cindy and our cat, Delmar in SE Portland, where we helped raise our sons (Zack and Matt) with their Dad and stepmom.

When I am not working we love getting out of town. We’ve been known to be found in Hawaii or Montana often enough (or maybe not quite enough!) Or if we can’t be found, we have most likely hooked up the trailer and are boondocking somewhere in the middle of Nowhere! (No cell service, No Internet, No Problem!) But if we are back at home, I love visiting family and friends, playing board games, and sorting through and researching the little collections that I have (coins, vintages, ceramics, stamps).

My hope for people who come in contact with me is that they will leave with the feeling of kindness, trustworthiness and of being seen and heard. I may not be such a big talker, but I am very present with everyone around me. I look forward to meeting you.

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