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Seller Credit vs Price Reduction – Which is right for you?

By Marissa Sainz, May 23, 2023

I get a lot of questions when a buyer or seller is negotiating a price reduction vs a credit. These two options look very similar for a seller, but can be very different for a buyer.  Let’s use the example of a $500,000 house for sale.

A price reduction is the seller lowering the price they will accept on their home for a buyer. For example they will accept $490,000 instead of $500,000.  For the seller this reduction takes away from the net proceeds they will receive at closing.

For a buyer this reduction will reduce their monthly mortgage payment.  The amount will vary depending on interest rate.  Buyers that are sensitive to their monthly mortgage payment may choose this route.

A seller credit is the seller offering to pay for a portion of a buyer’s closing costs.  For example they accept the full sale price of $500,000 and will contribute $10,000 towards the buyer’s closing costs.  For the seller this reduction takes away from the net proceeds they will receive at closing.

For a buyer this credit will reduce the amount of cash they have to bring in at closing.  If a buyer’s down payment is $50,000 and their lender/title/pre-paid closing costs are $10,000 they will only need to bring in $50,000 instead of $60,000 at closing. Buyers that would like to keep cash on hand after closing (most of the time for repairs or updates) may choose this route.

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