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Snow Days

By Hans Tonjes, December 29, 2021

We were visited by rare and exciting snow on the beach for a couple of days recently, maybe more still on the way. Life goes on here in the winter, we even have a street sweeper and gravel spreader. And then there’s the ocean! It’s still here too. Some new listings are coming up, prices are still moving up, maybe your place in line is coming up? I’m here to help! Hans Tonjes 503-936-4244.


Hans Tonjes

Broker | OR


Hans Tonjes is an Oregon native, raised in Northwest Portland. For over 25 years Hans and his family have called Manzanita their home. He has a varied real estate background ranging from small timberland management to mixed use development, including condominiums, commercial retail and vacation lodging. For the last 20 years, Hans has been working diligently with others to build a year round economy in Manzanita, his favorite Oregon coastal town. Hans served on the board of directors of the Rinehart Clinic for nine years, a local non-profit. He has also spent over four years working on the Manzanita Planning Commission and was elected to the Manzanita City Council in November of 2012, re-elected in 2016 & 2020. Hans has a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities present in relocating to the coast and decisions involved in investing in vacation property and maintaining a second home. 
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  • T: 503-936-4244
  • F: 503-961-8224

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