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First Time for Josh & Sean

By Debra Hornbecker, October 6, 2021

My clients Josh and Sean fell in love with this Madison South bungalow. During the home search process, I explained to them that writing love letters was frowned upon so they held off from writing one, but they did put together a sketch. In order to be fair to the competing offers, I held off on sharing the drawing until closing day. The sellers were so touched. With great clients and a great team all around, it was so exciting to give them their keys. Mazel tov to Sean and Josh!


Debra Hornbecker



Who is Debra and what distinguishes her? Debra is a real estate broker with a good sense of humor and an ability to put home buyers and sellers at ease. Her stellar communication skills and attention to detail have contributed to her growing real estate practice.

Prior to entering the exciting world of real estate, Debra earned her master degree in social work. Working with clients in drug and alcohol treatment, community mental health, and the emergency department helped her hone her people, negotiation, and project management skills.

Debra loves that real estate allows her the flexibility to give back to her community. Always a  consummate volunteer, Debra has volunteered with organizations such as Planned Parenthood and Oregon NARAL. Debra is also an involved mom at her kids’ schools. Debra has played active roles on the executive board of the PTA.  She volunteered to co-chair the school auction for two consecutive years. She isn’t afraid to step up and give back to her community in those roles that no one else is willing to do.

For the last five years, Debra has raised a family and built a real-estate practice in Portland. Her clients get the benefit of her experience and perspective. And a healthy dose of midwestern customer service (she grew up in Indiana!). Her parents instilled in her a strong work ethic, which is apparent to all who come into her life as friends or clients.

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