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So much Heart in this Gem

By Jené DeSpain, December 21, 2019

If you’re traveling east on Sandy Blvd. on your way out to the Gorge or to visit The Grotto, give yourself an extra half hour and stop by Ed’s Gems at 77th. Started by Ed over 45+ years ago, this family operated local gem shop is a Portland staple. As someone who has been making jewelry for over 12 years myself, my eyes widen and my heart pounds a lil faster each time I step inside the door. Here’s a link to a really cool blog post written a few years ago by an avid rock hound about their visit to Ed’s Gems:

Earlier this year, I had the absolute delight of meeting Terry, Ed’s granddaughter. We met at an open house I was hosting and became fast friends. She shared with me she was interested in possibly moving to a new home, with hopes of finding something in Maywood Park. Her father had grown up there, and she has numerous fond childhood memories of the neighborhood. We decided to set out with a soft start hoping to find something over the following few months that sparked her interest, recognizing it might be a lil bit of a challenge to happen upon a home that would be a good fit for her within the darling boarders of Maywood Park. Then, BAM! Right away, the most dreamy bungalow came onto the market and before we could blink, we submitted an offer and were in contract! From that first day meeting at the open house, Terry has been one of the most wonderful clients I have had the joy of working with and is now a true friend. Her home is spectacular from the gorgeous landscaping out front, to the expansive dining room/living room with mid century built-ins, to the sauna in the garden out back. Terry is a swoonworthy person with the biggest heart. She’s truly a gem to behold, and I could not be more grateful for the joy of being her agent, as well as now having her as a friend. Raising a glass to Maywood Park and family roots that run local & deep.

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