Borrow Smarter with Living Room Realty

The Living Room Difference

Home loans aren’t one-size-fits-all.

You need options that fit your needs today… as well as in the future. We are committed to delivering the most personal, modern, value-added mortgage experience possible.

That’s why we’re partnering with the Homeownership 360 team at Neo Home Loans to offer you the Living Room Mortgage Experience.

The Homeownership 360 team at Neo Home Loans

The Living Room Mortgage Experience

Your advisor will meet you wherever you are on your home buying path and offer you options that meet your needs. A Certified Liability Advisor can help you understand the bigger picture, and how your real estate fits into your larger financial context.

2. Create a Financing Plan

Your financing plan will impact every other aspect of your financial life. Setting it up thoughtfully is key to financial safety and success. Home buying feels out of reach? Let’s give you the priority plan to get into the game. Need Credit advice? Let us guide you to optimize your credit profile, so when the time comes to borrow, you can access more options.

3. Utilize Cutting-Edge Technology

  • On demand pre-approval letters
  • Receive a TOTAL COST ANALYSIS with multiple options and “break-even comparisons” helping you understand precisely which financing option gives you the most lift.
  • Fannie Mae “Day One Certainty” technology will help us get through the underwriting process with unparalleled speed.

4. Collaborate With Your Living Room Agent

A team approach ensures your offer will stand out to sellers.

5. Continue on Your Financial Growth Path

Our goal is to be a catalyst for our community, helping families accelerate their financial knowledge and financial growth.