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A Creative Key Day – Social Distancing in Real Estate

By Living Room Realty, April 2, 2020

Working as a REALTOR® is a very personal and intimate profession. We are constantly entering homes, meeting with our clients throughout a transaction and hosting open houses, where if we are lucky, a large number of people come into contact with us.

With the level of care that we take to be physically involved with our clients in their process of purchasing or selling a home it is no surprise that enforced social distancing regulations has brought forward opportunities for REALTORS® to think outside of the box of our typical practices!

Over the past few weeks I have been following closely the guidelines and suggestions from the National Association of REALTORS® and looking to leaders within Living Room Realty’s brokerage for how, as an industry, we should navigate our normative practices in the midst of COVID-19.

As a person who genuinely loves a challenge and even more loves being creative, I decided that I would come up with a way to physically see my client on key-day while having a light-hearted take on social distancing. Key-day is often the most joyous of days in the process of home buying and I wanted to make sure that I was taking the correct precautions to keep my client safe but also maintaining the “fun” in such a special day.

How did I achieve this mix of safety and fun you may ask?

In regards to safety I used gloves and Clorox wipes to give the keys, key-chain and a clear plastic gift box a good wipe down. I then sealed the box with fresh ribbon and sprayed the finished product with Lysol disinfectant spray.

In Regards to the fun; I then took the sanitized key box and attached it to a brand new cat toy wand so that when I was face to face (and at least six feet apart from my client) I could effectively and safely transfer the keys to his hands – touch free!

I could feel my smile going ear to ear as my client laughed with me and shared his entertainment of my methods. Not only did we still have fun on key-day we were able to do so safely.

I am a firm believer that using my resources of creativity during times like we are seeing today, will serve me in future transactions. Experiences like these promote innovation in our practices as REALTORS® and may even prompt more “fun” in the process for our clients!

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