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Access to the MAX Blue Line, Please

By Ella Gray, May 22, 2020

I met Jaycob, Bekka, & Shelley about 2 weeks deep into stay-at-home orders. They were referred by Jaycob’s sister & brother-in-law, my wonderful clients Michaele & Aaron who we closed on a killer deal for them in Mt. Tabor earlier this year.

This first-time-buyer consult with Jaycob, Bekka, & Shelley was a Zoom meeting (like so many meetings, tis’ the current spring season!). We talked about their goals, wants, like-to-haves, must-haves. They were focused on a very specific area of Portland. “Easy access to the MAX Blue line, please”. They even came prepared with a specific Google Map that specifically outlined their search area!

I set the search up and sent them a list. Within 48 hours, they narrowed it down to 4 listings with a very strong inclination to one in particular. I sent my notes on the 4, and within 24 hours, I toured (solo) and sent very detailed videos.


They loved it. Minutes from the blue line, Hollywood neighborhood, AND Providence….new construction…modern layout. Sent an offer in their favor (full of buyer favored goodies and mind you they hadn’t set foot in the listing yet) that was accepted! This was a new construction in great shape. They got inspections and we got all the items negotiated and repaired (with only a touch of laundry room drama).

CONGRATULATIONS, Jaycob, Shelley, & Bekka! I wish you many happy years here!


Ella Gray


Hi! I'm Ella Gray, a Portland transplant by way of New York City, Los Angeles, and Nashville. I'm very lucky to finally throw down some roots in this quirky, intelligent, beautiful city of Portland, and I LOVE to help PDX newbies, transplants, and life-long residents find their place in the perfect Portland neighborhood. When I’m not touring houses or prepping listings, I’m chasing my toddler in the Southwest trails and pursuing PDX stories & excitement in all five corners of the city.
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