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Bringing Their Best To The Table

By Andy Meeks, June 7, 2019

Today is closing day for my clients Paxton and Maryann, and I’m so excited to hand them their keys this afternoon. It’s been exactly one month since we looked at houses together and then wrote an offer that very day. These two knew what they wanted and went after it. We had an aggressive plan to win the multiple bid situation by committing to a (relatively) fast timeline of a thirty-day close with the type of loan they were using. And I can confidently say that we wouldn’t have hit that timeline if it wasn’t for their positive attitudes and calm demeanors. They brought their best to the table during the past month, and that made a huge difference.

The past thirty days consisted of a steady diet of fairly intense inspections and repair bids, subsequent negotiations and follow-up work, and long checklists of lender requirements. All of this was capped by a last-minute scramble to get all of the closing docs to the escrow company in time for their signatures yesterday. And it really all did come together — fairly smoothly, in fact, and entirely successfully. A huge reason for this was Paxton and Maryann’s approach: one of optimism, assertiveness, a consistent focus on details, and a big helping of kindness and compassion.

Ultimately, what matters in every transaction are the people involved, and the attitudes, perspectives, and levels of flexibility they bring to the table. Buying and selling a home is a financial transaction, a legal commitment, and a whirlwind of activities that no one normally encounters. And even if you’ve bought or sold before, it’s probably been some time since the last experience, and so each time feels fairly new. And sometimes that can feel overwhelming, both emotionally and physically. We’re all human and can struggle at times with the challenges we face, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s my job as an agent to advocate for my clients’ needs, protect their interests, and advance their goals, while at the same time maintaining a professional approach and helping them navigate the sometimes choppy waters of the home-buying rollercoaster of emotions and experiences.

We had a big, hairy audacious goal of receiving a new roof, radon mitigation system, oil tank decommissioning, as well as a large seller credit to cover electrical and plumbing deficiencies, and we worked together as a team to pull together multiple bids in a short timeframe. Paxton and Maryann kept their cool, calm demeanor in reviewing all of these, while at the same time maintaining a clear focus on their needs and ultimate bottom-line that they needed to move forward. We understood that the sellers felt especially challenged by the large repair and credit requests, and generally overwhelmed with all that needed to happen in thirty days, and Paxton and Maryann consistently provided flexibility and understanding that helped keep the deal together. While they made it seem easy, they probably didn’t realize that theirs was a strength and combination of positive attributes that is not common. That’s the definition of solid team right there.

Clients like Paxton and Maryann help make transactions easier and, most importantly, more enjoyable. By bringing their best attributes to the table, they reached all of their goals and they get the keys to their very first home today. Congratulations, Paxton and Maryann – and thank YOU for your great work!

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