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Contractor Tips For Your Next House Remodel

By Bobby Curtis, June 29, 2018

If you’re getting ready to remodel your house, or take on a small house project, here are some of my top tips.

  1. Save money and time without compromising quality.
    Some lighting and bath stores have deeply discounted prices at certain times like Rejuvenation which specializes in new , high quality made to look original lighting. Once/quarter: new stuff sometimes 75% off from returned orders, or overstocked stuff.
  2. Tile stores like Pratt and Larson, Daltile and others have a formal clearance section. Great quality at deeply discounted prices for returned tile, or leftover boxes from a large order. Deeply discounted and high quality.
  3. There are places around town like The Rebuilding Center in North Portland that have great deals on original kitchen and bath fixtures, windows, and doors that came right out of houses in Portland, often times when houses are getting a make-over. Clawfoot tubs aren’t for everyone, so if someone takes it out, and you’re looking to put one it, you can get it for a great price.
  4. Contractor/Designer Discounts. Places like Lowes, HD, the lighting and tile stores I mentioned earlier, almost all of them offer contractor or designer discounts. If you let them know you restore houses, they will give you a contractor rate. Be sure to ask for it before you make purchases.
  5. Worksite/House Stuff: Bring Donuts and Coffee (especially when there are many contractors in a house at once). Most of these guys like to work alone, and you’re a savvy house renovator, so you have a timeline to keep and have several of them working at once. Bring donuts, and start the day off with a smile. It goes such a long way.
  6. Work clean- at the end of everyday, make sure the people you are working with pick up after themselves, remove debris, and take their tools and supplies with them. It allows you to see true progress on the house, and not feel like its constantly a wreck.

For more, check out my interview with Kara from KATU here

Bobby Curtis
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Bobby Curtis

Principal Broker & Licensed Contractor

Meet Bobby Curtis.  Buyer’s agent. Listing agent.  Renovator. A down-to-earth Midwesterner hailing from the great state of Michigan, Bobby harnesses equal parts brains, brawn, and enthusiasm for every client and project.  After graduating from the University of Michigan, he began a career in the pharmaceutical industry focusing on sales, marketing, and consulting.  In those five years, he was even lucky enough to roam around Europe for short assignment in Geneva, Switzerland.  Nevertheless, the European trip came to an end and he traveled back stateside where he traded in his suit for a high-quality flannel and some Carhartt’s.  After purchasing his first house to flip, Bobby rolled up his sleeves and started in on what would become his passion – transforming houses into homes by unleashing the beauty of each unique property. Since 2010, Bobby has bought and restored several houses a year in Portland, both large and small, with great success.  Armed with extensive first-hand knowledge of house restoration, Bobby offers his clients an exceptional eye to pinpoint property potential and value.  Whether you are searching for complete fixer property or a dialed-in and buttoned-up home, he is happy to guide you through the process of finding your perfect place.  If you are selling your property, Bobby’s keen eye will help you showcase all of your property’s best features.  Because Bobby buys and sells several properties of his own every year, he better understands what it's like to be in his clients shoes. And as an experienced buyer’s agent, listing agent, and renovator, Bobby is well-versed in negotiating a great price and terms for his clients. If you’re looking to get a sneak peak of Bobby in action, you can watch him (and his mom) on an episode of First Time Flippers on the DIY Network. Or you can catch him on Katu's Afternoon Live daytime talk show once a month, discussing Portland Real Estate and House Restoration. Check it out here Contact Bobby at: 503-502-3066 or Licensed Contractor #215071
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