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Filly Gets Her Own Yard!

By Kris Vogt, April 18, 2019

She came all the way from Australia, it was Summer there.  Her people had a nice apartment in the big big city of Sydney and she was happy.  Her people wanted to be closer to their families in some place called the United States.  She loves her people and even though she had to leave summer for a wet winter half way around the world she decided for them, she would do it.

The second she landed in Portland and could smell all the new smells and could sense how happy her people were she knew she had made the right decision!  Her people bought a car – this was definitely a plus, they didn’t need one in Sydney but hanging her head out the window and driving by PARKS – so many Parks she knew life was going to be even better than she had hoped.

Her people looked at a lot of houses, so many houses but Filly was particular. She didn’t want just any yard it had to be perfect.  Turns out her people are pretty smart, and they found a great house with all the things that were important to them as well as the yard of young Filly’s dreams.  It’s big, it has a front and a back and it is one block from her favorite place Irving Park!

Welcome Home Girl!

Kris Vogt


Kris Vogt has got her finger on Portland’s pulse. Born and raised in the city, she’s lived all over town, and currently resides in the Division/Clinton neighborhood. Her favorite aspects of the local scene range from the great outdoors to the boundless culinary and entertainment opportunities. Whether you are new in town or a current resident yourself, Kris’s love for her hometown is infectious. Prior to real estate, Kris worked in the entertainment industry in LA as a stylist. Upon her return to PDX she worked as a producer in some of the top creative agencies in the city. Kris and her husband rehabbed a few homes, and in bringing her own flair to the process, she decided to combine her passion and love of community into a real estate career.  Kris works  with investors, buyers and sellers here in Portland and wants to hear what others love about Portland and help them find their happy place.
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Kris Vogt

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