Blog Buyer Found: Pristine North Portland Ranch

Found: Pristine North Portland Ranch

By Beth Bonita, August 28, 2019

I helped Dave find a home in Concordia a number of years ago, and then life changed and he needed to find a new place. We went searching high and low for the perfect home that was on the smaller side but still had room for a music studio – Dave is a songwriter/composer. It took some time, and a lot of patience, because what was coming on the market was a little lack luster. Then we found what we call the perfect “granny house.” You know the type, typically older owners who diligently maintained their home for years, regulars at the hardware store.  Sure everything might be a bit dated when in comes to style but the home is like a time capsule and everything works perfectly down to kitchen cabinet hinges. This home is the perfect example of “pride of ownership”. Even the inspector was in awe and hardly had a bad thing to say. Oh, and of course their was pristine full height basement perfect for Dave’s future music studio.


Congratulations Dave on your practically new home!


Beth Bonita

Earth Advantage Principal Broker

Beth Bonita’s approach to real estate is relationship based while incorporating her deep understanding and excitement for the Inner Portland communities she serves. She is an experienced negotiator and will never apply a “one size fits all” approach to her work. She believes in each of her clients, and the home they own or are looking for, are unique and therefore deserve a customized approach that will result in her clients having a warm and fuzzy feeling about real estate. Beth is a deep listener and a diligent and an intuitive realtor, a combination that makes her truly talented at match making her clients wants and needs to the house they are excited to call home. Beth loves design and beautiful homes but she also has the “vision” needed to help make a home look its’ best. When Beth is approached with the opportunity to market a client’s home, she relies on her market knowledge and background in Communication Design to give her clients an edge on the competition. Beth knows that along with the visual presentation, precise marketing and maximum exposure is key to success. Beth is originally from Santa Barbara, California, where she spent many years immersed in rich architectural history and creative people, and as a realtor she naturally gravitates towards properties with character, history, and charm. She attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn where she studied Communication Design and gained further exposure to various art forms, design, and art history in the melting pot that is New York City. She intentionally chose Portland as her forever home for it’s beautiful nature, vibrant city life, historic homes and neighborhoods, green lifestyle and the incredible food scene. Start searching for your new home today with my Home Search App!
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