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Mama Mia!

By Living Room Realty, June 18, 2019

I have the coolest mom. Yeah yeah, I know I’m biased and maybe your mom is also super cool, but it’s my blog so I get to say whatever I want.
Mom started making peeps about maybe wanting to move up here from SoCal(MOM PASS) and of course I immediately started doing my best to convince her. After all, her oldest and wisest daughter is here! And oh yeah, my younger sister lives here too and she’s pretty cool I guess. Really, Mama Mia never stood a chance against that double dose of daughterly goodness. So we got a-lookin’ for the perfect place for her to land.
We ended up finding her the perfect pad. A totally remodeled ranch for only $335k, with a yard that needs some serious love. Luckily Mom’s got a wicked green thumb so it’s a welcome project. Plus, it’s right next to a park and close to everything. The perfect single level investment for our lil shredder of a Mo.

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