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Multi-Generational Living with a Pool!

By Savanna Ray, February 1, 2021

Vanessa and I met when we were mere ‘babies’ while working in the restaurant industry circa 1998–I really wish I could find pictures!  Over the years we have remained close friends. And I was so thrilled when she contacted me to help her and her new husband to find a house! 

Vanessa and Dan have always been close-in SE Portland people. Location was #1 on their list; and #2 was an opportunity for multi-generational living so Vanessa’s dad could eventually move in with them. Dan was the most stern about location. He did NOT want to go above 60th, North of Burnside or South of Sellwood and it had to be walking distance to a bar, a store and a decent restaurant. We saw a ton of homes but none of them seemed to quite fit the bill, were just outside of their desired area or they were out of budget. 

To my surprise it was Dan that sent me the listing to this house and was excited to go see it. “But, Dan? It’s in Milwaukie!” I said. But he was charmed by the ample amount of space, the pool and the built-in bar. Talk about having a bar within walking distance! Vanessa was charmed by the absolutely incredible plants in the sunroom giving this house so much light and unique interest. 

The beautiful Monsterra in their sunroom has been there for decades.


Vanessa and Dan have run into some hard times over the last few years dealing with tragedy and heartbreak. They had gotten engaged before the pandemic and decided that they still wanted to get married despite it all. They had a small and beautiful family ceremony in upstate New York in October. All of their difficult experiences have led them to the conclusion that this moment is all you have and you have to go for what you want. I’m so proud of them and honored to call them friends.

One of the main reasons I got into this business was to help people follow their dreams. Vanessa and Dan can now start building wealth and a future for their family and more importantly a home for their entire family… and a place where I can go swimming in the summer! Congratulations friends! You did it.


Savanna Ray

Broker | OR


Growing up in Oregon I have a distinct love for where we live that is uniquely and proudly Pacific Northwest. I have lived in nearly every neighborhood in the city and beyond. Before getting into real estate, I spent 20 years providing the highest-end service as a sommelier in some of the finest Portland restaurants as well as managing a world-class winery in the Willamette Valley. This is where my passion for the finest service began. When I was young, my parents were constantly looking at property and I absolutely loved when they would take me on home tours and to open houses. Furthermore, my architect step-father has helped me hone my eye for design. As someone who understands what the finest service means, I put all of this experience together creating a space for my clients to really be heard. I am dedicated to being an advocate for my clients no just by winning them the best price possible but understanding their goals.  I am an active member of my community; I have sat on the board of the International Pinot Noir Celebration as well as have volunteered for the event for the last 15 years. I am passionate about equal rights and the environment. In my spare time I love camping and hiking with my husband JT, five year-old son Wilder, and--the newest addition to our family--our new cocker spaniel puppy Betty White.
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