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My Favorite Murderino!

By Living Room Realty, August 5, 2019

My Favorite Murderino!

It was a day like any other; commute to work, do the work things, and post work gym session.  What Tamra didn’t know was what was lurking for her around the corner.

She grew up in a wholesome family, surrounded by love and the common trials and tribulations of a young woman.  Working her way into a solid career path with a well known ‘swoosh’ company, she was happy and feeling quite fulfilled.

On this particular day, Tamra received a chilling phone call from a family member.  It was her brother, and he needed her to meet with him immediately.  He’d known for awhile something wasn’t quite right in Tamra’s life.  She’d mentioned that being a life long renter had created an empty hole in her heart.  She’d grown more weary in recent years and wasn’t sure how much more of the Portland commute she could bear.

I became involved right away since this crucial life decision needed professional (free) representation.  Tamra and I toured the property and discussed all the likely suspects that could come up during inspections.  It was later, on inspection day, that I was made aware that she too, is a murderino!

After much negotiation, and long hours worked to compile all the data, appraisal report, and timelines, this home was hers!

Although not a murder house, or any suspect for a creepy seeded history, this home will be filled with many memories and stories to share.  The only crime here was being guilty of making a great investment.  If that’s a crime, this murderino is expected to be a repeat offender.

As always, SSDGM, and also, to heck with crazy work commutes!


Congratulations to my favorite murderino and new home owner!



If you’d like help buying, selling, or small space planning, I’d love to be a part of your team too!

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