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Not a bad paycheck!

By Reg Martocci, June 4, 2019

Our client, Kelly, came to us 4 years ago as she was just starting her plumbing apprenticeship.  She knew Portland probably wasn’t her forever home, but she knew she’d have to be here for at least 4 years.  She pulled out her savings and scoured the market for a cute small house in the not yet blown out neighborhood of Foster Powell.

In the short time she’s owned it, a community garden went in a block away, several cool restaurants and coffee shops, and they built a bike lane on Powell to slow the traffic.  Her mortgage was affordable enough that she was able to host refugees through Catholic Charities without having to charge them rent.

Now 4 years later, she’s a licensed plumber and wants to take off to Antarctica to scuba dive for a year.  She spruced up the paint and yard and listed it this spring.  Multitple offers came in and she made $80k over what she bought it for.

I can’t stress enough how real estate is,  in my opinion, the best tool for the working class.  It can create awesome rewards for short or long term investments and provide security for your future.  If you have to pay rent anyway, why not pay yourself?  There are several programs right  now to assist with low down payments.  Call me if you want help getting on a path to home ownership.  Love to help!

Reg Martocci


Originally from Worcester, Massachusetts my love affair with real estate began when I was 19 and owned my first triple-decker. Being a landlady at 19 quickly taught me  the importance of learning DIY skills to turn an old junky three-decker into a place someone would love to call home.  There is nothing more satisfying to me than watching a property transform.  Since then, I have been fascinated by the idea of home and the aesthetics that appeal to people and warm a space up. What is it about a space makes a person feel at home?  Is it an open floor plan? A garden? Hardwood floors or a south facing kitchen?  It is different for everyone and I would love the opportunity to help you find it. I graduated from Umass Amherst with a degree in Sustainable Living and Natural Health and naturally moved to Portland to find my people. Waiting tables and bartending all over Portland for the last 10 years has allowed me to really get to know many of the neighborhoods this beautiful city has to offer.  I've lived in and rented houses all over Alberta, Concordia, Hawthorne and Division until buying a house and settling in Kenton two years ago. If I'm not working you can bet that I'm somewhere in Oregon thrifting, at the river, working on my house, or catching happy hour with friends. Reg Martocci 508-340-1456 t 503-961-8224 f
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