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Origami: Influencing Science & Architecture

By Jamie Marion, May 23, 2019

Origami transforms flat square sheets into dynamic and unique works of art. Who would think that this centuries old art form would be a source of inspiration for scientists, engineers, and architects?

With origami, it’s possible to create large structures that fold up for transportation or for squeezing into tiny spaces. Origami also inspires architects to “produce more complex figures producing elements of light and shadow.”

Engineers at the Jet Propulsion Lab are developing a giant flower-shaped shade designed for use with space telescopes. The shade would fold up during launch and then unfurl in space before being positioned in front of an orbiting space telescope to block starlight and permit detailed observations of exoplanets. The engineers took their design cues from an origami pattern called a “flasher” that lets a large sheet collapse into a tightly packed cylinder.

Waechter Architecture was recently inspired by origami for a community of homes folded into one unifying complex in the Piedmont Neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. The homes have a streamlined design aesthetic, and the designers particularly used origami concepts to create vaulted ceilings in the third floor bedrooms that encourage and enhance natural light. The origami influence inspired beautiful homes in an accessible neighborhood, give me a call to come check them out!


Jamie Marion


Jamie Marion was bitten by the real estate bug while remodeling her own circa 1928 house. She has been enthralled with the classic homes in Portland's close-in neighborhoods ever since. It is clear that Jamie loves her work. She has a passion for this city and for first time home buyers. She loves introducing them to the world of real estate and walking them through the process from beginning to end. From the home search to the transaction process, Jamie will help make your experience fun, informative and successful! Jamie calls on her past experience as an administrator, a bookkeeper and a legal secretary to provide exceptional service to a diverse group of clients. She specializes in close-in Southeast, Northeast and North Portland neighborhoods, and she has been a resident of both inner Northeast and Southeast and knows them well. When she is not working, she enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, running, being outdoors, sports and spending time with family and friends. Certified Relocation Specialist
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Jamie Marion


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