Blog Buyer Reflect, Regroup, Reward! Sold in Foster Powell!

Reflect, Regroup, Reward! Sold in Foster Powell!

By Olivia Rush, December 14, 2023

Ben + Tjorven finally got their keys!

Relocating from Corvallis, B+T came to me through friends of my past clients. I was VERY excited to see their 207 area codes (nothing better than meeting fellow Mainers on the west coast!)

After lots of weekend trips to Portland, they made an offer on a house in July. Unfortunately, inspections turned up a bit more than they had bargained for. They had to listen to their gut and let go.

Their August and September were filled with work and travel, so they took a break from the house hunt and we agreed to regroup at the end of September.

During that time, Ben and Tjorven were able to reassess their priorities and their 5 and 10 year goals. This reflection time was invaluable, and they re-entered the search with crystal clear vision.

Ben and Tjorven ended up purchasing a clean but slightly outdated home in a better location for more than $100K less than the first house.

On top of that, we were able to get the house under list price, all of their closing costs covered, AND an additional $7K for repairs!

During the buying process, nothing is more important than trusting your instinct. With patience and thoughtfulness, Ben and Tjorven made decisions that worked for their short- and long-term vision.

Cheers to Ben & Tjorven on the purchase of their first home!

Olivia Rush

Broker | OR


As your trusted guide through the buying or selling process, you can expect me to customize my services to your specific goals and preferences, much like I did for my students during my ten years as an educator. My clients’ goals vary. A couple retiring to the Big City after 30 years on 22 acres. A woman purchasing her first home independently. A couple upsizing to support a growing family. Two friends pooling their resources to make their first investment possible. A couple navigating a divorce and the sale of their home. A refugee family with limited English setting down roots in this country. Deaf investors looking to maximize profit on their flip.  A couple selling the home of their daughter who has lost her battle to cancer. A family relocating from across the country and buying sight-unseen.  These situations all require unique, dynamic, and holistic approaches. Everyone has different needs, and it is my top priority to meet my clients where they are. For me, real estate is not transactional. It is deeply personal and inevitably life-changing. While each client requires a tailored strategy, my work ethic is unwavering. With me you can always expect organization, tenacity, responsiveness, dedication, and hustle. A gatherer of resources, a communicator of all options and possible outcomes. As your advocate, I will be brutally honest so you know what to expect. A skilled negotiator, I’ll consider every angle with your dreams and goals in mind. My clients often end up feeling like family. I am honored they trust me enough to return to me as their needs change and refer me to their friends, family, and communities. What are your real estate goals and dreams? Call or text me so we can meet to discuss your vision.   Curious about the home-buying process in Portland? Click here to sign up for one of my free The How To Buy A House Class™ classes!
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