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Setting Goals & Crushing Them

By Marissa Sainz, April 12, 2019

Tiffany started looking for a house a year ago.  We met and discussed her wish list and which Portland neighborhoods offered what she was looking for.  Tiffany was drawn to mid century, ranch style homes.  We spent the summer visiting homes in NE and SE Portland.  None seemed to have the right mix of updates and charm.  As we searched more and more in Portland it became apparent that the homes weren’t meeting her criteria and the neighborhoods did not have the convenience she was looking for.

In January Tiffany and I had a lunch to discuss her search.  I asked Tiffany to let me take over fully vetting homes for her.  This meant I would view any potential home in person to determine if it was worth Tiffany driving out to see it.  She had been viewing so many homes online and in person that she was feeling exhausted and even more overwhelmed.  We discussed opening her search to the West side suburbs.  This is where Tiffany grew up and she knew she liked many of the neighborhoods.  Most importantly we set a goal of getting her in a home by June.

It’s funny how setting a goal makes the path forward clearer.  We began looking at west side homes immediately.  The more Tiffany looked at these homes the easier is was to decide that the Portland areas we had been searching in were out of the running.  Every week we had a new batch of homes that I would tour and we would look at the winners together.  Within two months Tiffany had written offers on three homes.

In March she found a home she could truly see herself living in.  This home was also a favorite of a number of other buyers (of course!).  Tiffany wrote a clean, strong offer with a heartfelt letter to the sellers letting them know how much she loved their home.  After a few conversations with the seller’s agent and a confidence building call from Tiffany’s lender the sellers chose her offer!   We had a quick 3 week close I am excited to give Tiffany the keys to her new home and congratulate her on crushing her goal.

Marissa Sainz

Earth Advantage Broker

Whether you want to live in a hip Pearl District condo or a unique east side bungalow I am here to help you find the perfect home. The Pearl District and the close in surrounding neighborhoods are exciting and evolving areas and where I focus my business. It is important in our changing real estate world, where location is so vital to home buyers, to work with a neighborhood expert. We all want to live near our local grocery store and within walking distance of our favorite coffee spot, restaurants and parks. I am here to guide buyers and sellers through the process every step of the way, if you are a first time home buyer searching for the perfect starter home or looking to move as your family and lifestyle change. Marissa earned a degree in finance with a concentration in real estate from The University of Texas at Austin. Before coming to residential real estate in Portland Marissa worked for both a national and local commercial real estate firm. Around town Marissa is involved with the Women in Insurance and Financial Services Portland chapter as well as the Women's Council of Realtors.
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Marissa Sainz

Earth Advantage Broker

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