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The Woods are Calling

By Gabrielle Enfield, September 13, 2019

I loved this latest one for my buyers B & H. They’re local busy physicians who were looking to set down roots for their young growing family. B grew up on acreage, so we hit it off with shared experiences of running through the woods like Wild Things as kids. H wanted a home that had elegance, charm, character and an easy sense of home. They hoped to find something wooded or backing up against green space. It needed to be 20 minutes from their respective hospitals so they could get into work to literally save people’s lives. CHECK CHECK CHECK.

I set up their search with these parameters in mind, and I honestly have no other way of attributing how great this all worked out other than the woods were calling them home. We found this house, wrote up a winning offer in a competitive situation, had the most wonderful sellers agree to repairs and providing personal belongings that pulled at H’s heartstrings and next thing you know… boom. They are getting ready to move into this lovely Craftsman in West Portland Park.

They’re not always easy, but they’re often meant to be. Congratulations!

Do you have what you think is a unicorn in mind when it comes to your next home? Let me hunt it down and help make your dreams a reality.


Till next time,

Gabrielle Enfield


Real estate can be a wild ride. It's important you find your wingwoman.

I understand the important decision of choosing an agent. It's a relationship for the long haul. My goal is to apply my myriad experiences, both personally and professionally, to help guide my client partners through a thoughtful, strategic, seamless and fun journey. Need an understanding of where to start, when it comes to getting ready to sell? I'll put my background in project management to work and let you know what needs to happen, complete with spreadsheets, if you're into it. Looking to purchase a vacation property and need it to generate rental income? I'll sharpen my pencil and make sure the numbers make sense. First-timer who needs a steady hand to help guide you through the real estate process? This Mama Bear's got you covered, and will be sure to point out what you need to look for. Moving to PDX and need a proxy to get to know Rose City? I'm a Pac NW native, and even with all its growth and change, this place still gives me butterflies. I grew up in Woodland, Washington, and am a proud resident of North Portland, where I'm raising my family. #boymom Before real estate, my career spans two decades of expertise I'm fortunate enough to apply every day. These experiences range from being a TV news anchor (visual storyteller) to helping develop some of the world's beloved brands (strategy and engagement). I was practically born with a tool belt on: my Dad is a retired custom home designer and builder, my uncle is an architect and my Grandpa was a Realtor and developer. I am an active listener, have a keen eye for "good bones",  and solving my clients' real estate needs in a creative and often unexpected way brings me joy. Plus, the lasting relationships formed are cherries on the sundae! Please give me a call - I'd love to see what it would be like to partner with you. For a look inside my everyday life, be sure to follow along on Instagram. High fives!
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